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With the help of SEO, small local businesses can kick start their growth. Through SEO, one can not only build brand awareness but can also emphasize on building strong web presence and toil hard to get on top on SERPs where their audience can find their business easily.  1. Diverse opportunities for businesses –  People who are searching for any products / services have higher chances of...

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Google NoFollow 2.0

Google recently launched an update for NoFollow as NoFollow 2.0 new link attributes this September 2019 as a new way of recognizing links to fight spamming.For those who don’t know about what is NoFollow, here is the answer:-NoFollow is a link attribute on a web page which instructs Google not to pass link juice or zero credit to that link. This link attribute was first...

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How to Increase Online Sales of Products Type a message

Do Not Lie To Your Customers -  Always try to be honest with your customers. This will help to gain their trust for long term relationships.For example – most people claims their product as best, free from side effects but in reality they are not; and when the same user didn’t get satisfied with that products then they are not going to browse your site again.This...

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Web Development Companies

Techpapa Technology Techpapa is one of the giant dominant big fish in the web development industry. This company has been in this industry for a few years but in these few years, this company has outranked its competitions by offering quality more surplus results to its clients. Till now, the development team of Techpapa has dealt with more than 50 clients with more than 50 projects. The...

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Web Design Companies

Website design is an integral part of web development. It is the central part of marketing also because without good design there will be a lack of business and traffic. Once Steve Jobs said, “the design is not just what it looks like, in fact, the design is how it works”. Also designing is the first impression for the website to impress its users.  Techpapa Technology   Located...

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Tech Companies

You might have heard about a site Glassdoor. It is one of the top websites where current and former employees anonymously review companies, submit salary of different jobs and search as well as apply for jobs. This glassdoor site was so famous that in 2018, this company was acquired by the Japanese firm for the US $ 1.2 billion and at the beginning of 2019,...

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