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Beauty and Cosmetics Industry

It is not something to hide but each one of us wants to look so perfect and beautiful, especially in this era of social media where we feel that it is necessary for others to see us feel beautiful, happy and content with what we are and how we look!

It is when the fashion consciousness in people increased, there started the increase in demand for the beauty and cosmetics industry, so with fashion and lifestyle, the beauty and cosmetics industry had its boom and henceforth suddenly it came into a limelight.

Though the usage of beauty enhancing products and cosmetics isn’t something new around the corner but it’s because of its sudden importance that has lead to an increased need that make it more demanding than ever.

It was back in the olden days when no was bothered about their appearance, but today if we see then there is a decent amount of money as well as time spent on beauty and cosmetics products and services.

The products and services consisting of skincare, haircare, fragrances and oral care is what make up the beauty and cosmetics industry.

It has also been noticed that the cosmetics and related products not only enhance the beauty of a person but it also makes them feel confident about themselves.

It was general assumption that the beauty and cosmetics industry only caters to the women segment but to everyone’s surprise the industry has been taking keen interest in venturing into men’s beauty and cosmetics product, as men equally have started taking care of their appearance.

Moreover while discussing about cosmetics it has been in the minds of people that these products are made up of chemicals hence with an awareness the newest demand creators in this industry are the herbal products.

The non herbal products are said to provide quick results that may not last for a long term whereas in case of herbal products the results will have no side effects as these are made up of non chemical ingredients that have a longer lasting effects. Hence when people learnt about the side effects of non herbal products they moved their preference to herbal or non chemical products.

With so much of demand for beauty and cosmetics, there are new entrants in the market coming up with their own product line.

With so much competition, the players are investing time and resources to reflect to the audiences that their brand is the best. Even the brands that were once traditional in their marketing approach are coming out with their mobile applications where their products and services are listed in order to be available to the users. While some other brand is using influencer marketing on social and lot more just to grab the attention of its potential consumer.

Since people have become more aware of the products and their ingredients they tend to do proper online research on what the product is about and what may be its effects on the skin or hair, so they make it a point to analyze every situation that might occur to them.

 Our Clients

While understanding the dynamics of beauty and cosmetics, we have helped brands like Kama Ayurveda, Mystic Earth, and Biotique to make the difference by providing solutions.

kama ayurveda

Kama Ayurveda

The brand

Founded in the year 2002, Kama Ayurveda in association with 100 year old Arya Vaidya Pharmacy, they  launched nine different ayurvedic treatment with an aim of treating existing skin and hair problems and also to prevent future concerns.

Kama Ayurveda is inspired by the ancient art of healing and is here to promote the beautiful Ayurveda globally with its unique products which are 100 % organic and made up of herbs.


Already an established brand in the market Kama Ayurveda was facing challenges related to its website. The brand had website and mobile responsive issues.

Techpapa’s action plan

Keeping in mind the requirements and brand image of Kama Ayurveda we worked on developing their website and mobile responsiveness. we also helped them drive potential traffic to the website as well as other digital spaces.

Mystique Earth

The Brand

A new entrant in the beauty and cosmetic industry, Mystic Earth is the brainchild of Mr. Gaurav Tiwari, who had a dream to come up with such a brand which is born out of earth’s   raw and natural ingredients, having the benefits that cannot be manipulated

Born out of Earth’s natural resources which are in the form of different minerals, clays, forest, metals and herbs. Its products are inspired by traditions of beauty, culture, and heritage of central India.

Although they are new in the industry, their products are somehow of great impact to skincare, hair care and wellness and can provide benefits similar to that of established brands.


New to the beauty and cosmetic industry the brand was looking to create its own image that will last longer in the minds of the people.

The challenge for any new entrant is to make a mark in a well established market.

TechPapa’s Action plan

We love challenges as much as we love our work. Having understood what was required by us we worked on Mystic Earth’s website. Also our SEO team made sure that their website is search engine optimized for a better organic ranking, which drives the potential audience to the website also letting it get converted into a loyal customer.




The Brand

Ever since its launch in the year 1992, our client Biotique is a well renowned brand in the cosmetics and beauty industry which is known for its wide range of herbal and Ayurvedic products.

Biotique has a clear mission to provide diverse skin care, hair care and wellness products to the seekers of natural beauty products that are effective as well as environmental friendly.

Biotique products are said to not only cure skin and hair problems but are so effective that they eliminate the cause of the problems from its roots.


Biotique had certain objectives related to their website where they were looking to restructure the architecture and integration of the website for a hassle free customer experience.

TechPapa’s action plan

We developed Biotique’s website along with the capillary and mobile integration to provide a hassle free customer experience with aim to drive potential traffic and create leads.

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