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Choose Your SEO Campaign By Industry, Technology & eCommerce

Why are you not unlocking your potential online business by SEO in 2021? Do you want to be on top in the SERP? but you want to hire an industry SEO expert?
Only Techpapa provides SEO services by industry, technology, and eCommerce type that can help you to unlock your potential online businesses. We offer affordable, trustworthy, organic and white-hat SEO that will help to get top positions in SERP.


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SEO Services in Noida

SEO Services In Noida: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a demonstration of marketing technology that incorporates many search engine tactics such as Keyword Selection, Tags Optimization, Web Content Optimization, Link Building and many more. The Optimization eventually helps in getting top listing on search engine result pages (SERP). Whether the company is big or small, SEO offers multidimensional profit to the business to all types of business with a better Return of Investment (ROI) and at minimal time duration.

Who We Are

TechPAPA is a leading SEO Company in Noida which helps to bring website traffic by acquiring the top position on the search engine result pages (SERPs). TechPAPA SEO experts first understand the nature of business and create a strong strategy that increases the visibility of your business in front of millions of people.

How Our SEO Team Work

To achieve top listing, our SEO experts use a combination of the latest SEO trends and tactics. Our SEO Team, first analyze the business services then select the relevant keywords according to business nature. We all know content is always treated as the king in digital marketing, we will work on the content part too and optimize the website content accordingly keywords. Our team keeps in mind all On-Page factors while optimizing a business website. Besides On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO refers to link building activities, where our team performs the key task out of the website boundaries. A successful on-page strategy will help you to increase website ranking as well as Google page rank so it is important to write unique content, techpapa can help you with that. Off-page activities include blog directory, article directory, shared content directory, link exchange schemes and many more.

Why your business needs SEO Service

SEO builds business trust and credibility in online market quality SEO Includes positive user experience, better organic ranking and business visibility that give profit to work in a brand favor local SEO is an important part of small and big sized businesses’ market whose location are restricted. Local search is really helpful to increase engagement, traffic, and conversion.

Find Best SEO Services By Best SEO Company in Noida

At Techpapa, we dominate search with safe and effective SEO methods. Our Best expert SEO team keeps a daily check about the statistics of your website and work tirelessly towards enhancing the visibility of your website. Also, few of our specialists only check regular changes and take an eye on analytics performance, and do their best in the website which needed for better outcomes. Because of their efforts, we are the best SEO service provider by the best SEO company in Noida, India.

SEO Consultant

Hiring a dedicated SEO Consultant is one of the most effective options for the giant companies! A consultants work individually on the website for the optimization and promotion. They guide your inhouse team to Maximize the ROI.

Global SEO

Are you want to attract international audiences on your website? Great! our Global SEO service is the best suitable SEO service for you. We get the ranking in the targeted country. Hire us now to rank in Global SERP and unlock you business.

National SEO

National SEO is a long-term investment that can separate your business from the competitors. Although similar to local SEO, National SEO focuses primarily on ranking for broad keyword terms rather than ranking for specific geographical terms.

Local SEO

Did you know that 90% of purchases take place in physical stores and 80% of India disposable income is spent within 20 miles of home? Having a solid local SEO strategy is the first step to put your business in SERP on the local keywords..

e commerce SEO

Epic products but no sales? Stop whining! Here are tried and tested ecommerce SEO strategists who have worked for industry leading eCommerce websites that can help you to increase your ecommerce sale within the timeframe.


ASO is known by a few names, including App Store Marketing and Mobile App SEO. The focus of ASO is expert resource application related to improving the ranking of apps within app stores (like iTunes, Play Store, and Windows Store)


Unleash the power of Map SEO , alike Local SEO, it is a tool that helps rank your website better on Google SERPs. No matter how big or small your business is’ Map SEO can attract the potential traffic by increasing the visibility.

Industry SEO

Techpapa is the best Industry Based SEO Services provider in India. We offer SEO by industries such as Beauty & Cosmetic industry SEO, Education SEO, Home improvement SEO, Agriculture Industry SEO, Law firm SEO, Real Estate SEO and others.

Why Do You Need Top SEO Company in Noida?

Because your website need organic boost. Why? bellow are the reasons.

Techpapa a reputed SEO Company in noida and with Techpapa’s assistance, large brands as well as start-ups have successfully been able to dominate search and drive more business online.

Search engine optimization plays a crucial role in formulating the site’s marketing strategy. SEO techniques and strategies will help in increasing your business website visibility, sales and reputation in the competitive market SEO has an immense potential to enhance your business reach and expanding visibility in other parts of the

 Page Ranking

To improve your website’s page performance and seek organic traffic, we use unique SEO tricks and methods.   Through good SEO practices your website can reach out to the potential audience. SEO methods when done right, produces high traffic.

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Brand Visibility

 Search Engines are surely the best possible way to make your website easily noticeable by potential customers.  Your brand needs a unique identity, not just in terms of a creative logo. It needs to have its own voice and identity.

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Conversion Marketing

Attracting traffic towards your website is important but having a conversion plan is an absolute necessity in order to make the most out of those efforts. An efficient conversion plan makes your customer click on a search add, clicking on a product entry, or adding that product to a shopping cart.

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Website Performance

   It’s essential to a keep an in-depth check on your website. Doing so, will enable us to find out what works and what doesn’t work for your website. 

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Lead Generation

Make your website attract the best source of leads for your business. Features like live chat and click-on-call infuse quality leads instantly.

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Increase Sales

Once your website is attracting a higher traffic and targeting your potential customer, then the sales and services of your product are sure to increase exponentially.

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Our SEO Methodology

Search Engines are the most effective way to attract potential customers to your website. Only through great SEO optimization techniques will your website reach the range that it truly deserves. So hiring TechPAPA as a SEO Company for your business can be a good step.

Here is the our SEO methodology. It will help you to find a better agency for SEO services in Noida.

KKeyword Selection – Keyword research is the process of finding words and phrases that people generally use in search engines to find you.Selection of relevant and revenue generated keywords is most important part of any successful SEO campaign. Analyzing keywords means understanding your target market and user’s viewpoint to find how your customer searching for your products or services. Once we complete the keywords selection list, we go for the next step of SEO process.

OOn-Page SEO – On-page refers to both the content and HTML source code on your website. In this process we optimize individual web pages to achieve the ranking on first top. There are lot of factors where we work like optimizing your content for specific keywords like: Meta Tags, Alt Tags, Keyword density, Interlinking and many more. Optimization of website page speed, URL structuring, mobile friendliness, schema markup implementation and many others are also a part of our On-page SEO process.

WWebsite Architecture – Disorganization of pages in site may be confuse user and search engine crawler. A good website structure means to design website that has good reachability, any user or search engine crawlers can easily access your pages. The better site structure can enhance the chance of rank higher on the search engine. We will suggest about how you can create a website or improve the website that appeals to users, gets crawled and indexed by search engines spiders.

C Content Optimization– A content that is written with the specific goal of attracting search engine for particular search queries. It is the process, where we make sure that the written content on website have quality, uniqueness and well optimize for target keywords. Since many years, content is still top ranking factor for organic search. Google always love unique and fresh content with the relevancy with page and audience. But Google only love content when it is helping their users.

OOff-Page SEO – It doesn’t happen directly on your site. It is a process where we make backlinks of your website on other high quality and reputed website. It also play role to improve your ranking on the search engine result page. We do the analysis of your top competitor in your industry to figure out how they are getting their traffic and ranking. Our expert team make deep analysis of your competitor and make plan to beat them. That’s why we are the best SEO company Noida.

GGrowth Measuring – In this phase we analyse the traffic, source, top performing keywords, top performing pages, revenue, conversion and ROI. Also provides SEO reports that give an overview of how your website is performing in search engines for example in a specific time duration what is about keywords ranking position? what is website’s traffic status and how much conversion have been done? Most important where we are lacking in SERP that helps to work in right way in the next month.

We Want!

    Why TechPapa is best for the reliable SEO services in Noida?

    A plethora of efficient SEO services are given at Techpapa. We are a well known for providing SEO services in Noida for our high quality and ROI based search engine optimization services.

    Perfect Solutions

    To cater to your brand’s specific needs, we offer altered and efficient solutions. All of our SEO solutions are simple, transparent and most importantly, built around digitally enhancing your brand’s presence.

    Precise Estimates

    At Techpapa, you are sure to receive genuine estimates about your brand's SEO needs. We believe in keeping it straight with our clients and in providing estimates that are not vague in nature.

    Perfect Action

    With Techpapa you can make your brand digitally visible and popular in a hassle-free manner. Our solutions and specializations are designed in a way that easily matches with your changing requirements.

    Excellent Results

    Each one of our client is a truly happy with our service. Our goal centric approach and timely delivery of our commitments, let’s us produce enhanced results for your brand in a steady way.

    The Results Speak for Our self

    Why choose Techpapa for SEO Services in Noida ?

    Guaranteed 1st page ranking

    Affordable and customized price

    Growth-oriented SEO plans for every type of business

    Portfolio of reputed clients and brands

    30% ranking in just 1.5 month

    More focus on organic traffic

    More than 12 year experience

    Team of highly experience SEO experts

    Out 100+ satisfied clients

    Integrated Strategic Approach

    Exclusive Industry Knowledge

    Customize report of traffic and ranking

    Transparency in every aspect work, reporting or billing

    Work by Google Certified Professionals

    Our Proven SEO Results
    1. Biotique ( www.biotique.com )
    SN Keywords Ranking Search Engine
    1 ayurvedic products for skin 1 Google.co.in
    2 ayurvedic hair serum 1 Google.co.in
    3 tan removal 1 Google.co.in
    4 ayurvedic shampoo 2 Google.co.in
    5 bhringraj hair oil 3 Google.co.in
    6 sun protection cream 3 Google.co.in
    7 best products for dry skin 4 Google.co.in
    8 shampoo for oily scalp 4 Google.co.in
    9 sunscreen lotion 5 Google.co.in
    10 skin care products 5 Google.co.in
    2. Kama Ayurveda ( www.kamaayurveda.com )
    SN Keywords Ranking Search Engine
    1 Ayurvedic Hair Care 2 Google.co.in
    2 Ayurvedic Beauty Products 2 Google.co.in
    3 Ayurvedic Cosmetic Products 2 Google.co.in
    4 Ayurvedic Skin Care Products 3 Google.co.in
    5 Indigo Powder For Hair 3 Google.co.in
    6 Sweet Almond Oil 3 Google.co.in
    7 Ayurvedic Face Cleanser 3 Google.co.in
    8 Online Ayurvedic Products 3 Google.co.in
    9 Ayurvedic Products 4 Google.co.in
    10 Skin Brightening Treatment 5 Google.co.in
    3. Vajiram & Ravi ( www.vajiramandravi.com )
    SN Keywords Ranking Search Engine
    1 current affairs material 1 Google.co.in
    2 postal study material for IAS 1 Google.co.in
    3 postal coaching for IAS 1 Google.co.in
    4 postal coaching for civil services 1 Google.co.in
    5 G.S Crash Course 1 Google.co.in
    6 civil services mains test series 4 Google.co.in
    7 IAS coaching in delhi 8 Google.co.in
    8 best postal coaching 1 Google.co.in
    9 IAS Main Test Series 8 Google.co.in
    10 online main test series 4 Google.co.in

    4. Proedworld ( www.proedworld.com )

    SN Keywords Ranking Search Engine
    1 pre college preparation 1 Google.ae
    2 pre college summer programs 1 Google.ae
    3 college application consultant 1 Google.ae
    4 college admissions consultant 1 Google.ae
    5 college admissions counselor 5 Google.ae
    6 admission consultancy 2 Google.ae
    7 college counselor dubai 2 Google.ae
    8 career consultant in dubai 2 Google.ae
    9 career guidance dubai 2 Google.ae
    10 career counseling dubai 2 Google.ae
    A SEO Company to Help You Perfectly
    SEO services in Noida : We have time and again helped big brands as well as startups in enhancing their online presence and sales. For each one of our client’s, we design a plan according to the brand’s specific needs. To get your SEO plan, get in touch with us.

    Our Key SEO Clients

    There are large list of our clients, below is the list of our top SEO clients who are showing their belief in our services since a long period.

    SEO Frequently Asked Questions

    What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services?

    SEO Services refers to process that help us to increase the visibility of websites / blogs / content on search engines result page. There are various factor that play a significant role in helping the websites rank and traffic organically.

    How Much Do Cost for SEO Services ?

    The Cost of SEO Services can be goes between $285 a month to $1000 a month. This totally depends on what the company’s industry, location and product or services. No hidden cost, 100% transparency

    What is Organic SEO Services?

    Organic SEO Services refers to the method of gaining traffic and getting ranking the website on Google SERP without any On Going fees being paid to Google.

    Does SEO Really Work?

    Yes! Of course it work only if you use the current best practices with following Google webmaster guild lines.  It should be 100% an ethical and quality SEO, It can help you rank the website on first page and after it you can start getting organic traffic.

    How Long Does It Really Take to See the Result?

    Honestly, it takes near 4 to 5 months to notice the good difference from initial stage. Because SEO involves a lot of ongoing effort like On Page & Off Page changes. Our every action off page or on page take time to be cached by Google.

    Do I get the monthly report of SEO work ?

    Yes, all the work that is been done by our team either it will be part of on-page SEO or Off-page SEO will be shared with our clients in the form of monthly work report at the end of each month.

    The report also involves the improvement insight in keyword ranking, web traffic, goal conversion, revenue and much more.

    With these reports you can easily measure the impact our SEO services for your website

    What is your process of conducting keyword for my business?

    In the process of discovering relevant keywords for your business’s product or services we use many tools like Ahref, Semrush and Google keyword planner. Our aim to find relevant keywords that can generate more revenue for your business.

    Which is better, SEO or PPC?

    With PPC you can start getting click and traffic on website but you couldn’t establish domain authority, search engine trust and many more. With SEO you need to always pay for click but with SEO effort and process if you have gain position on first page no need to pay Google for clicks.

    Which SEO tool or software do you use?

    There are many tools available which help in our SEO process like Ahref, Semrush, Moz Pro, Google Analytic, Google search console, Screaming Frog and much more.  All have their own speciality like competitor analysis, backlink research, content explorer, website issue, traffic and health.

    How many backlinks do I need?

    There is no any golden rule about the number of backlink, it is an ongoing process, and we need to acquire backlink from high authority reputed website to beat our competitor.

    Can SEO Give Me the Results I Need?

    You can check below our results for our clients, result speaks itself. Once you achieve top ranking for potential keywords you will start getting click and traffic on website.

    Who will work on my website?

    Our SEO experts do all of the SEO related work. All are Google certified professional have 7+ year on experience in the internet marketing industry. No need to worry, your project will not be passed off to someone who is not an expert.

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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