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Fashion and lifestyle 

With a shift in paradigm from everything brick and mortal to Online or digital space, the fashion and lifestyle industry has gone into a 360-degree transformation for the good.

With the brick and mortal model, the competition was low, but with digital space the entire world is at war with your products and services trying to prove that they are the best.

As we can see with the upcoming numerous e-commerce brands that offer a large number of products and services in this category has brought a significant change in how the fashion and lifestyle industry operates and caters to the customers.

Gone are those days when everything was so much easier, especially making strong bottom line. Initially with the implementation of LPG (Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization) along with the foreign direct investment the players started facing the competition but when it came to digital/ online marketing the bar was raised much higher.

There wasn’t much competition when everything was brick and mortar, there were less players also there were less products in the market hence it was easy to retain customers as well as their loyalty because there wasn’t much choice left with the buyers

But nowadays the trends have changed drastically due to the wider range of products and services available there is huge competition to match the pricing policies of similar products as well as a small variation in price may make you lose your customer to the competition

Hence it is important to plan and strategize necessary action plans that will let brands stand out in the crowd.

As the fashion and lifestyle industry moves its focus from product specific to customer centric. The customer is the main focus and there will be no purchases if he/ she doesn’t feel associated to the brand

So, in the fashion and lifestyle industry having a digital presence is empowering as one could transform their brands into the best of the lot by using the correct digital marketing strategies.

 Our Clients

With so much content floating on the website as well as on its social media pages, the web is flooded with articles, blogs, Vlogs, feedback sessions, and even podcasts, it has become a dire need for brands to differentiate and reach the top of the ladder if they want to sustain in the market.

The creative content and corrective strategies just don’t pop up in the minds of business units on their own. There are teams of professionals whether in house or outsourced. They work day in and day out to make a brand digitally visible.

Our highly professional and experienced team at Techpapa has provided solutions to clients like Satya Paul, Vape Stop and Craft Maestro in enhancing their digital marketing presence. Fashion and lifestyle are not just restricted to the buying power of the person but it’s more about the person’s personality.

A person is inclined towards a brand only when they feel associated with it. Without association there aren’t any brand preferences.

So in order to create a strong brand it is quintessence to create an image in the minds of customers which gets along with the personalities of the customers.


Satya Paul

The Brand

Satya paul, is a designer brand that stirred a revolution in the fashion industry with its uniquely designed fusion sarees.

While the world was looking for a change but still stuck on traditionally styled sarees, Satya Paul opined and created a new style for the women of the world, the kind they went longing for.

Along with its own website Satya Paul is also available on different ecommerce websites.


Change isn’t easy and sometimes not acceptable by the customers. Being a fresh brand Satya Paul wanted to create a buzz through digital marketing platforms that matched the vibrancy of their products.

The brand wanted to reach maximum potential clients through organic traffic, with a further aim to increase their bottom line.

TechPapa’s action plan –

With the aim to strive the best for our clients we firstly understand the gaps pertaining to brand’s digital spaces.

Since Satya paul entered the heavily saturated market it was a must to make a mark by differentiating themselves from others. We understood that there was a need to refine their website in order to drive organic traffic. We worked on developing their website on the magento platform along with mobile integration. The content of the website was also search engine optimized.

There was a consistent organic traffic on their website which resulted in higher ranking and better conversion rate, which lead to an increase in bottom line of our client.

Crafts Maestro

The Brand –

Created out of love and passion for Art and craft, Crafts Maestro is an ecommerce platform which offers products like paintings, clothing, accessories, and a lot more that is made of everything art and craft which are an amalgamation of tradition with modern techniques and ideas.

The well experienced team at Crafts Maestros tends to believe that it is the art and craft products that bring magic to life and it is indeed seen in their products.

Challenges –

Not everyone is an art and craft enthusiast. There is only a specific audience that appreciates and admires the work. The crafts maestros are looking for this specific audience that would love their products. To engage and convert the potential audience was the challenge faced by Crafts Maestro.

TechPapa’s action plan –

The Techpapa team worked on getting the organic traffic to the website through their SEO strategies which led to lead generation and successful conversion.


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