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Local SEO Services – Profitable Option For
Small Business

When it comes to implementing your SEO strategy, every business owner want to expand their reach and be globally accessed and popular. But what about your local consumers? What if your service criteria cater to the people in your community, city and surrounding region only? Is your SEO strategy doing enough to target them specifically? Are you incorporating the right steps to gain high visibility for searches particular to your area in proximity? This is where you need an approach that makes your marketing process stand out and different than what a general or global SEO strategy would be. You need – Local SEO approach.

Local SEO process helps you create and employ a marketing process that gives you enhanced visibility when someone in your area looks for and searches for a service, that you provide, in your area. As your prominent local SEO company, we know what it takes to target any specific area and how to create a profound strategy to help you gain the popularity, high ranking, traffic and business conversion.

Why Hire a Local SEO Company?

Local SEO services helps to promote the local business in the specific local area and target audiences nearby, thus making it easily accessed.

Local Search Ranking

We incorporate local search ranking improvement techniques to help you rank higher for keywords for specific service in a certain area. This helps to give your business site enhanced visibility for local searches, and helps in increasing productivity.

Map Ranking

When people look for a business or service in their area, Google Maps is a highly reliable source in present times that shows the results available in the proximity. Employing development of Google My Business Profile (GMB) along with more information and process we help in improving your business’s Google map rankings, a key aspect of your local SEO strategy.

Why Local SEO?

Increase Local Visibility

When you want your business to be discovered by people in a certain area, you should have higher visibility and high rankings for local searches. This is what Local SEO does for you, improving your site’s page performances and delivering higher organic traffic from the local area.

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Targeted Local Traffic

When you have to target local traffic, you need to create a value for them, be easily accessed and be able to help them find solutions for their requirements. We help your site gain an identity that is locally popular, followed by and is customer-centric.

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Local Lead Generation

Lead generation is the first step towards gaining traffic and conversion. This is what our local SEO strategy is built around. We help create a stand out brand of your business, while also improving lead generation chances and thus delivering more conversions.

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Local Reputation

Trust is one of the best factors that drive people to get service from a local shop. It is essential to gain credibility and trust from people when you want to do business in your area. We help provide you high-end reputation as a prominent local service provider.

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Targeted Geographic Campaigns

Geographic campaigns are essential for your local SEO strategy that helps you gain prominence for the service and area. Incorporating different features, we help put you efficiently on your area’s map.

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Found on Google Map

A lot depends on how you are going to be found on the Google map for local service search. We make sure you are on the top of the Google map search results so as to gain more visibility and thus more traffic.

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Does Your Business Need Help from a Local SEO Company?

When you are starting out with your SEO strategy, you would be confused about whether you need local SEO services or not? Well, you don’t have to. Just check with whether the below appended conditions apply to your business:-

  • You have a neighbourhood-service organization
  • You have an organization with defined service regions
  • You are a franchisee or establishment proprietor targeting a certain area
  • You need more traffic, leads, and deals pertaining to definitive assigned market territories (DMAs)
  • You need your business to appear on maps and route applications or in Google’s nearby pack
  • Your organization services in more than one city or DMA, however doesn’t offer services or products across the country or globally

These are factors that apply for businesses like restaurants, clinics, and such service and product providers who work in a defined region. And if such aspects apply to you, you definitely need local SEO services from a reliable local SEO company.


How Local SEO Services Help Your Business Grow?

  • Increase online presence and visibility for nearby customers – Local SEO services help to give your business enhanced online presence and visibility for the local searches related to your product or service offerings.
  • Growth in local visitors – Local SEO service helps you to target local audience, and thus results in gaining more local visitors to your website, organically.
  • Target specific geographical area – This helps you stay focussed on what area you want your business to grow in, reduce the competition and enhance your online presence for the said area.
  • Google maps marketing – Adding citation in Google My Business profile including name, address, direction, URL, and phone number and more information helps improve Google map rankings for the targeted keywords.
  • Customers satisfied reviews – This helps to grow a positive reputation, build based on the satisfied service rendering which grows trust and credibility.

Advanced Local SEO Company That Defeats All Competition

Choose Only The Best SEO Company To Rank Higher On Google Ranking

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Nap Consistency

Business Description

Reviews By Customers

Include Link To Location Pages

Right Primary Category

Hours Of Operation

Remove Duplicate Listings

Relevant Photos

Indicate Primary Location

Schema Update On Website

Schema Update On Website

Hours Of Operation

Our Local SEO Process?

Right from consultation to process implementation, update & upgrade, monitoring and more, we provide comprehensive solutions for your Local SEO service and strategy requirements.

Website Localization

We help give your website the local identity by adding essential info like country, city and region, and contact address that displays on your site.

Citation Building

We create and build citations adding Web URL, address, and phone number to make your business get a presence locally encompassing all the useful channels.

GMB listing

A string Google My Business (GMB) profile creation that features all the important, local-address specific and location information to help your business appear in Google maps.

Managing Reviews

Implementation of a profound Online Reputation Management (ORM) featuring website, service and products reviews to build positive image, credibility and trust amongst the audience.

Do You Need Help Getting Your Website To Rank In The Google Local Listing?

Well You Have Came To The Right Place!

Why We...

Our Methodology in Local SEO

A successful SEO campaign is that which employs the right techniques, leverages the most suitable and efficient tools and methodologies, is customer-centric and business-goal oriented and delivers results driving leads, sales and conversions. With us, you can rest assure that you will be able to target your local customers in the best way possible whilst gaining high rankings for local searches and creating a positive, impactful and valuable image.

To do #1 Keyword Research

The keywords you target, sp4eciic to your products and services and what people are searching related to your business is the most important and key element of any local SEO strategy and service.

Brainstorm Your SiLs (“Service in Locations”)

A comprehensive analysis of what people looking for, what services are available and what competitors are doing

Keyword Ideas on Craigslist

Evaluating Craigslist provides insightful knowledge and info of the type of products and services people want in your area and what trends and search process is being followed

Google Autocomplete

We leverage the functionality and benefits that the Google provides to craft right keyword generation strategy

Competitors Rank Keywords

We research about the keywords competitors are ranking on relative to your industry and market

To Do #2 Map Listings

You won’t be able to do justice to your local SEO process until you make the most of different map features to rank high on Google maps ranking, as well as other local search maps including Bing Places, Apple Maps.

Google My Business
Bing Places
Apple Maps

To Do #3 Local Citations (NAP)

Local citations help you update your business info, address and contact details so as to be found for the local searches effectively and easily.

Citation Audit

We evaluate your present local citations, where you are present and if the presence is right or not. We assess how those citations are impacting your business and if they are befitting your local SEO strategy or not.

Build More Citations

We assess whole available channels, create local profiles and build more citations to build your brand’s presence on every local-search-specific channel to gain your more visibility.

To Do #4 On-Page

A complete On-Page analysis and restructuring to make your website SEO-friendly, optimize it for local audience and update it for targeting the desired keywords, region, service and product categories.

Set Up Your Website Structure to Rank Local Landing Pages

Design and structure your website focusing on all the essential elements to improve chances of high-ranking for local landing pages.

Optimize Your Homepage

Optimization of home page with content, structure and more necessary aspects to make it local SEO-friendly, customer-centric and product/service/industry specific.

Optimize Your Local Landing Pages

We optimize your local landing pages that gets high ranking, are appealing to the visitors and influential in leads conversion.

Add Schema Markup to Your Pages

Addition of Schema Markup to the website pages to improve the search results, improve visibility of certain page elements.

To Do #5 Link Building (for Local Sites)

Link building process, encompassing different techniques consisting of varied high-authority resources to build credibility and authority for the website.

Create and Promote a Useful Local Resource

Creation of resources and promotion of that on local channels and mediums for robust link-building, resulting in high ranking.

Guest Blogging

Creating and promoting guest blogs specific to the industry and the market and promotion of that on multiple sources.

Improve Popular Content (a.k.a. “Skyscraper Technique”)

This technique is about improving and promoting content that is in trend, loved by people and provides value to them while bringing following and traffic for your website.

Competitors Links With Link Intersect

Evaluating what backlink opportunities competitors are employing that you haven’t adopted yet, and then work on those options.

To Do #6 Reviews & Content

Content creation and reviews that help build and grow your presence, create a positive image and engage with existing and potential customers in a profound way.

Review on Business Listing

Creation of reviews on Business Listings to build a positive brand identity.

Reviews & Recomendation On social

Spreading positive word about the business on social media channels for brand image development and engage followers.

Reviews on Local Citations

Local citation reviews that help to give the business a reflective image on local information channels for enhanced credibility development.

To Do #7 Optimization with Local SEO Tools

We incorporate multiple and best SEO tools to process high-end, effective and resourceful SEO optimization.


Industry, We Serve

Beauty and cosmetics

Healthcare and Medicine

Real Estate Industry


IT Technology



Art and Entertainment

Fashion and Lifestyle

We Do Local SEO for

From a small vendor to a big eCommerce chain, we plan, create and implement custom-tailored, business-specific Local SEO for all types, sizes and industry businesses.

Local SEO for Dentists

We help you enhance your value and create a positive impact while ensuring people in your service region who are looking for an experienced and expert dentist comes to you.

Local SEO for Lawyers

Effective marketing and profile development campaign to give you an identity that is positive, respectful, helping your potential clients find you easily and quickly when they are looking for a legal representation in your area of practice.

Local SEO for Real Estate

Find clients easily, develop a strong presence online for helping people find solutions from you regarding their explicit and detailed property service requirements.

Local SEO for Restaurants

Create an appealing presence, get your existence, food and service values out with an effective local SEO campaign, attracting more and more people to your chain.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is about optimizing on-page and off-page tactics for a website where the focus is on delivering service and products within a certain geographic region. Local SEO strategy include  developing on-page and off-page procedure to target local people, grow local traffic and generate leads and improve conversions for the exact products and services.

2. What is Local SEO Marketing?

Local SEO marketing is all about using and implementing SEO tactics and methods targeting a specific defined geographical area for particular service and product categories, targeting people from the region. This tactic helps to gain high search result ranking and visibility for the searches people make for products and services in a particular area.

3. What is a ‘Local Search’?

When someone looks for a product or service on a search engine, provided in their local region or area, this is known as a local search.

4. What are Local SERPs?

Local Search Engine Page Results (SERPs) relates to the search results a search engine shows for a query related to a particular area (availability of a product or service providers in that region).

5. What is Google My Business?

Google My Business (GMB) is a local citation that helps to update a business’s local info including name, address, contact info, website URL and more so, to help appear in local search results and Google map result ranking.

6. What are citations?

Citations are a type of references that helps business owners to add information about their business on different local search channels.

7. How do I rank well in local search?

Employing best local SEO approach, strategy and taking the benefit of expert and proficient local SEO company will help you implement the most effective and efficient local SEO process to help get best possible results and rank well in local search.

8. What are the main local SEO services?

Main or primary local SEO services includes website optimization, keyword research for targeting local searches, landing page creation and promotion, Google My Business listing, citations, positive reviews and website promotion on social and other local-customer based sources.

9. Why use Techpapa for Local SEO?

TechPapa has a team of local SEO experts who knows the difference between global and local SEO strategies, leverages the best and most specific tools, incorporate comprehensive methodologies, maximize the use of different resources and channels and work innovatively to create a strong local-area targeting online presence for the businesses, all in a timely and cost-effective way.