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Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry has taken everyone by storms especially by the rate at which it has been increasing. Initially buying a property was a tedious task because of these two reasons- firstly it wasn’t something everybody could afford and secondly, it involved numerous procedures and documentation, though it still has but not as many as previous years.

But above all the most tedious task of  was to find a property broker/dealer who would help get the property at best rates and close the deal which is best in the interest of both the parties.

There is so much competition around the corner that one can loose a customer in a jiffy. The real estate industry owners are coming up with innovative ideas to reach their target audience.

If you are a real estate developer you would understand that the way the Real estate industry operated back then and the way it is operating now are totally two different scenarios. Comprising of four sub-sectors namely- Commercial, housing, retail and hospitality, the real estate industry is one of the most recognized and booming industries with an unmatchable growth rate and with this unmatchable growing rate you can never ignore the power of digital marketing as the potential home buyers are looking for their future purchase online even before visiting the actual place.

Just like real estate, the digital world is also limitless. There are so many opportunities in the digital spaces that can be explored by real estate developers.

Having said that a better understanding of audiences can help the real estate sector in determining what their buying preferences are.

We all understand the demand and supply circle. With an increase in demand there is an increase in supply hence a rise in demand for realty will lead to increase in supply leading to increased new entrants

With help of digitization people have become more and to your surprise Real Estate is no less. dependent on the online sources of information that give out comparison, availability, and pricing of the property they could buy. Nowadays people pre-research the products and services before making actual purchases

As every other property dealer is available on the web people are moving from traditional ways of buying properties to the digital ways as with the upcoming of many platforms that help you buy, rent and even compare the prices of two properties. Apart from buying property it is important to look into the owners and builders for their accountability whether they are true to their offerings or not as there have been cases of fraud. Hence a digital presence will give others a sense of accountability.

 Our Clients

kama ayurveda


The brand

 Based out of Delhi NCR, Migsun is one of the leading names in Real Estate. They have both residential and commercial projects under their name. Migsun group believes in adding excellence in its project one after the other through their services.


The challenge faced by this real estate giant was the engagement and conversion through their website.

Techpapa’s Action Plan

Migsun was looking for higher engagement and queries through their website. We worked on the same through our SEO and online digital marketing techniques we successfully drove the relevant traffic to the website with the aim to increase the conversion rate.


The brand

Based out of Noida, the Amrapali group is catering and building the regions of Delhi NCR which are best in class and are unmatchable to its offerings.

With it wide range of residential projects, the Amrapali group of builders is a trusted name in the field of Real Estate.


We have helped them with lead generation over the online marketing campaigns which helped them in revenue generation across different platforms.

Techpapa’s Action Plan

We have helped them with lead generation through the online marketing campaigns which helped them in revenue generation across different platforms.




The brand

A real Estate consultancy firm located in Noida- Delhi NCR, Propshop operates with a strong philosophy of maintaining a long term relationship rather than just one sale transaction which gets closed once and for all forever.


Planning a shift in paradigm from traditional approach to digital one, the brand was seeking towards lead generation through its different digital platforms

TechPapa’s Action Plan

Keeping true to their philosophy and understanding the needs of the client, TechPapa did what exactly was required to be done! Our well experienced digital marketing team helped them in generating leads through online marketing campaigns and SEO techniques.

Techpapa Technology is having more digital marketer like: Kamal Upadhyay. Their consultation will open a hidden opportunity for you.

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