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    Customized, Agile, Scalable and Coherent iOS App Development

    You have your business all set-up, but aren’t getting the exposure and outreach you need. This is where leveraging the technology to the fullest in present digital times become an extremely important aspect. And for this, you can’t leave out the mobile application platform that will take your business and offerings right into the people’s handsets.

    When it comes to mobile application platform, Apple’s iOS is undeniably an advanced segment. With millions of apps available in the Apple’s App Store and a wider base of global user base, it would do a world of good to you to have a uniquely outstanding app crated to target and reach your target audience.

    We Develop Empowering, Advanced, and Feature-Rich iOS Apps

    With a team of strategic planners, practiced developers and designers, an agile and proactive approach, attention to detail, and a step-by-step process with a personalised profile, the team at Tech Papa is well-placed to cater to your iOS app development requirements, no matter what industry you belong to, what size and type of app you require.


    iPhone App Development Services

    From Ideation to implementation, the leading iOS app development company has it all covered.

    iOS App Consulting

    We make a draft of what you want. In short, we make a sketch of the requirements that you have.

    Enterprise iOS App Development

    We design the app as per your needs. We have experts in service.

    Native iPhone App Development

    Testing engineers take care of the working of the application before it is delivered to you.

    Hybrid iPhone App Development

    The development team adds the final touch to the app for better optimization.

    Cross platform iOS App Development

    We make a draft of what you want. In short, we make a sketch of the requirements that you have.

    iOS App UI/UX Design

    We design the app as per your needs. We have experts in service.

    app testing
    iOS App Testing

    Testing engineers take care of the working of the application before it is delivered to you.

    Apple TV App Development

    The development team adds the final touch to the app for better optimization.

    iOS Application Development Process

    Ideation to implementation to Publishing on the App Store – The Experts Here Take Care of Complete Cycle

    Analysis of Requirement

    We discuss with you thoroughly, understand what you want and create a sketch of the specifics you are looking for in your app.

    Wireframe and Prototype

    We create the blueprint, model as per your requirement and proceed onto the development process.

    Architecture and Database Design

    We finalize the complete architecture of the application; develop the database design for better optimization.

    App Development Process

    The most important step – the coding and development of the app takes place to produce the final application.

    App Testing

    Our engineers perform a through and detailed test to aspect each and every element of the app, identify the issues, which are fixed again, until the finalized, no-error product is created.

    Everything in Loop

    The app is delivered to you for your complete evaluation before it is being launched on the App Store.

    Mobile App Launch

    We publish the app on the App Store, crafting descriptions and all other details to target your specific audience.

    Support and Maintenance

    Continuous, 24/7 customer service to maintain your app for enhanced performance and functioning with no downtime.

    A Start-up or an established business? We provide complete, unique, high-performance iOS app development solutions – Consult us today!

    Starting up all new or scaling up to the next level, I can help.


    Wireframe Design, Prototype Development

    Wireframing is the basic and initial step for any digital product development. Wireframing and prototype is extremely important for the entire app development process, as it defines the basic structure of the app. We create wireframes for each screen; craft the blueprint structure.

    These wireframes are then presented to the clients for their reference. Based on the client’s input, we create the final prototype which is then presented to them for the final approval. After their approval the app design process takes place.

    Optimization of Technology Stack, Code Development & Debugging

    According to the precise app requirement specifications, our team evaluates the whole process, round out the technology stack including the language the code has to be written on, database and libraries and much more.

    The expert developers brainstorm ideas, get down to start coding for the app, creating the layout of the main sections. Working with the interfacing process to make the code compatible with the third-party service or hardware component, along with performing a number of debugs, the final app is developed to move to the texting phase.


    Testing, delivery and Support

    App Testing, Deployment on the Store, Maintenance and Support

    An app isn’t ready until it is tested for performance, durability and all other functionality elements. This is what the proficient app testers work upon. They optimize manual as well as automated tools and methodologies to find out the errors, issues, based on w3hich the app is refined again until there are no errors and performance problems.

    With additional feature addition, along with support and maintenance process in place, the app is then taken to the client and upon their approval the app is published on the App Store.

    We Want An App!

      Our Expertise

      Our app customized business solutions include the development of all sorts of apps including the healthcare sector, digital sector, educational apps, real estate, etc.   


      Machine learning (ML)

      Industry SEO Servies

      Augmented Reality (AR)

      SEO services by Technology

      AI Solutions

      Dark Mode



      Real-time Tracking

      Real-time Tracking



      Multi-Currency View

      Multi-Currency View

      Currency Converter

      Work Offline Functionality


      Payment Gateway Integration


      QR Integration

      Motion sensors

      Motion sensors

      Face Detection

      Embracing Digital

      Live Streaming

      Live Streaming

      Voice search

      Voice search

      Google Indoor-Maps

      Google Indoor-Maps

      Technology Stack We Use

      The programming language, database, methodologies, tools and techniques are an important aspect for the app development. The right combination empowers the developers and designers to fully leverage their features and functionalities to create the most suitable business-oriented custom app the client is looking forward.

      With a deep knowledge about the technology stack in the domain, we know what to use, how and when to product best possible result.


      Swift, Objective C, XCode


      Firebase, Alamofire, Fabric, Kingfisher, Charts and more


      SQLite, CoreData, Realm

      Not limited to these only, there are a number of other technologies that are optimized and leveraged depending on the particular app development requirement and process.

      iOS Apps For Diverse Industry and Categories










      Wellness & Fitness




      Social Network


      Enterprise & much more

      What We Bring to The Table?

      We are just not about iOS app development services, but strive to empower our clients make the most of the digital platform with customized solutions that help start-ups get a strong footing in their respective industries, as well as helping established businesses scale up.

      • In-depth expertise in the industry and domain
      • Step-by-step development process with proven methodology and process
      • Consumer-focussed approach
      • Innovative, inventive and intelligent solutions
      • Proactive approach, developed for each client around their specific and unique requirements
      • Client-centric development
      • On-time delivery
      • Cost-effective solutions
      • Thorough, insightful and detailed consultation with no technical jargon to get you confused
      • Flexible, scalable and agile techniques

      Have an iOS App idea in mind? Want to take your business to newer heights with performance-boosting iOS app?

      Consult the prominent iOS app development company now!


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