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How We are an Industry-Leading SEO company in India helping SEM to Improve Their Digital Presence & Revenue

When you are looking for SEO services, you are looking for a partner that can understand your business, your present condition, your objectives and help you meet your goals. At TechPapa, we work with a holistic and creative approach that is designed to help you stand ahead from your competitors. Incorporating advanced and innovative methodology, coupled with proven SEO tactics implemented by a team of industry experts we as a SEO company in India help optimize your website, create keyword-relevant content, promote your business on diverse channels, thereby helping you to rank high get improved visibility, increased traffic and more revenue.

Top Clients by TechPAPA

Why SEO?

Based in NCR, the heart of India, as one of the best SEO company in India, it is upon us to help businesses realize their potentials, build credibility on the virtual space and drive sales and revenue the way they are looking for. We dominate search methodology with our insightful and decisive, safe & effective SEO tactics.

As a business model, you would be pretty much perplexed about why SEO? What it is that your business website can gain from using SEO? How it is going to affect your overall web presence, business credibility, market penetration and revenue? We decode the effectiveness of SEO for you:

For Organic Ranking

You will only get revenue when you make sales, and sales can only be achieved when you have traffic and conversion, which incidentally makes it imperative for you to rank higher on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) to get enhanced visibility. Organic ranking is what you can achieve when you follow strict and proper, regularly updated SEO practices.

For Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is achieved through search engine results. SEO helps to put your brand and business ahead, making your webpages appear on top result pages for the keywords people type in to search for products and services related to your business. The better the ranking, the higher will be search engine rankings and improved organic traffic in result.

For Trust & Credibility

You have a business, but it can be called a brand only when it is recognizable by people and followed by them. SEO helps to give your business a strong identity, developing trust and credibility in the industry, market and amongst potential customers.

For Better User experience

Today’s consumers have become highly smart and they want to get complete satisfaction when dealing with a brand. SEO helps websites provide enhanced user experience, right from fast load time optimization to interactive communication within the website, fast navigation, ease of finding what they are looking for, all resulting in appealing to the consumers.

Why TechPAPA for SEO company in India?

Wondering why to pick TechPapa for your SEO requirement? Well, it’s not just, but our work and commitment to excellence and support for businesses that speaks for us. As a SEO agency in India, we have carved a high niche in our industry and therefore are well-placed to meet every client’s requirements, no matter what the complexity of the job is – we are focused on delivering results.

Guaranteed Result

Results are what you are looking at, and that too long-lasting and with a creation of robust business profile creation. Yes, we understand this and you can fully rely on us to provide you with guaranteed results.

Dedicated Resource

Results are only achieved only when the process and the tasks are helmed by professionals who know the ins and outs, use resources capably and are competitive. We have a strong team of experienced, knowledgeable, research and analysis driven team that brings their best forward on each and every project, with a custom-tailored approach.

Performance Tracking

We work, measure, refine and then implement. Tracking the performances help our team to know what is working better, what else needs to be done to get the results, what new technologies and market trends to incorporate. Performance tracking helps to review the project analytically and based on statistics, and take better decisions going forward.

200+ Satisfied Customers

With a strong presence in the domain and the industry, we have, for years, helped over 200 businesses from across the globe take their brand forward, gain results beyond their expectation and scale on the path of growth. The list of happy and satisfied customers is an aspect that underlines what we can achieve for you.

Techpapa SEO Service

As your dedicated SEO company in India, we provide complete solutions under one roof. Spanning across different domains and segments, we render comprehensive SEO solutions for all type and size businesses.

Keyword Research and Analysis

Keyword forms the base of your website content optimization and promotional content creation, so that you are being searched for found by users when looking for products and services related to your business.

On-Page and Off-Page SEO

Right from optimizing your website (inclusive of all the elements) so that it becomes user-centric with high-end engagement interface, up to off-page SEO that incorporates all the channels (including Social Media and more) for far-reaching promotional campaigns.

Link Creation

Creation of strong, authoritative, and credible backlinks that makes your business highly trustworthy, improves its image in front of Search Engines as well as consumers.

Content Marketing

Content is the King. And it is the content, in all varied forms that holds the key for an effective SEO strategy. We build, place and promote content that is rich in context, keyword-relevant, appealing to users, and conversion-driven.

TechPAPA SEO Engagement Model

Lead generation

The better and more the leads, the more conversion chances you have. We implement key strategies, leverage the technologies and tools, entice and engage with potential customers keeping a tab on their behaviour pattern to generate leads.

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Brand visibility

Brand visibility is proportional to the organic ranking and organic traffic your website is going to benefit with. Our process includes full optimization of the website, implementation of strategies and techniques, based on insightful analysis and keyword research to put your brand forward at the top of SERPs, and enhance social media presence that provides you with improved visibility.

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Increase traffic

Rich content, tactical use of relevant keywords in varied forms makes the website attractive and appealing to the potential users. And interactive UI/UX interface makes people visit and stay on the website and find what they are looking for, easily. This results in increase in traffic.

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Increase sales

Not just ranking and traffic, but our methodology is evolved around bringing positive results for you with more conversions, leveraging landing page optimization and more tactics. We craft engaging SEO model that helps you grow your sales and revenue.

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Conversion rate

Conversion rate is an important aspect of SEO, and one which defines what results you are getting from your SEO methodology. Our tactics are built around improving your conversions leveraging innovative methods and processes, resulting in more sales.

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Link Building

Getting backlinks from third-party sites is a highly effective and an imperative function of SEO strategy that provides credibility and trust to your business. Not just to gain high authority, link building also helps to get traffic and gain indirect lead conversions.

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Keyword Analysis

Keyword use is central to your SEO strategies, including both on-page and off-page process. Here, we incorporate different procedures for insightful and result-oriented keyword analysis that helps to craft best and most suitable keyword promotion strategy.

Analys LHF (low-hanging fruit keyword)

Assessment, evaluation, research and incorporation of low-hanging fruit keywords that have the potential to bring more readers.

Speech Suggestions Keywords

Speech suggestion is gaining traction, all with voice feature integration. We know how important this can be for your search strategies, and there includes this in our keyword plan roadmap.

Recognize Trends keywords

Full evaluation of what keywords relevant to your business are in trend, coupled with devising a strategy to add these in the keyword list formulation.

Competitor Backlinks Keyword

What keywords your competitors are using? What keywords they are ranking well on? All this is an important and critical strategy in our keyword analysis process.

We Want!

    Technical Error Resolution

    Right from website elements to page structure, content, URL and more; there can be several technical errors which do affect your SEO process a lot negatively. We help your site don the properly augmented and designed look, addressing all the technical issues at hand.

    1. Site doesn’t use SSL (HTTPS)

    A SSL (HTTPS) helps provide the right security implementation, protecting your web presence against malfunctioned program, unauthorized access and data breach threats. Having an HTTPS installed helps provide the safe and secure guarantee to site visitors.

    2. Site Isn’t Indexed Correctly

    What if your site isn’t indexed correctly? This will severely hurt your ranking and visibility prospects. Don’t worry; as our experts will have that controlled and corrected quickly.

    3. Duplicate content issues

    Duplicate content means penalty from search engines when indexing the pages. We evaluate, assess all the content duplicacy and replace that with fresh, unique and rich-context content.

    4. Missing or Incorrect Robots.txt

    Full site examination to find all the incorrect and missing Robots.txt and rectify that so your website gets indexed and content is fetched easily by search engines.

    5. Meta Robots NOINDEX Set

    Metas play a vital role in how your site pages are reflected upon and accessed by search engines. Let the NOINDEX issues resolved by our team as soon as we find them and make the site easily indexed.

    6. Slow Page Speed

    Slow page load speed leads to high bounce rates. We help optimise page elements to make your site load fast and provide enhanced user experience to visitors.

    7. Multiple Versions of the Homepage

    Instead of multiple Homepage versions, which can hurt your SEO approach, we craft and place one Homepage that provides the central point for the all information and activity your users are looking for.

    8. Incorrect Rel=Canonical

    We help prevent and protect against duplicate content issues by using the right Rel=Canonical link, to ensure only the preferred and original web page source is accessed.

    9. Title Tag Issues

    Are the title tags not right? Aren’t they relevant to the page? Are title tags not following the technical guidance? Whatever the issue, we will resolve it soon.

    10. Missing Alt tags

    Missing Alt tags will hurt your strategy as it will make the important images on a page unidentified. Let us add alt tags so that your web page images are recognized, leading to enriched content presentation.

    11. Broken Links

    Presence of broken links will deeply upset your backlink and authority and credibility gain campaign. We find and repair the broken links, to get your link building process on the right track.

    12. Not Enough Use of Structured Data

    An structured data is not helpful for the search engines but also more friendly and favourable by the site visitors. We work with an approach to keep your data and site as structured as best fit.

    13. Mobile Device Optimization

    Targeting only desktop users won’t be that much beneficial, considering the kind of growth and penetration the mobile device users have in accessing online information. We help you reach a wider mass with complete mobile device optimization of your website.

    14. Missing or Non-Optimized Meta Descriptions

    Presence of meta descriptions and in the right organized manner with keywords use is a must-have to get your webpage ranked. Our technically expert team know how to get this modified fast.

    15. 302 Redirects Instead of 301

    Has your webpage moved permanently to a new location? Then, for better SEO implementation, you need to move to 301 redirection instead of 302, which we are well versed with.

    On-page Optimization

    Keeping your website optimized with proper website URL, page title and tags, meta tags and descriptions, keyword relevant content presence and more, all make for a needful on-page optimization. We undertake a thorough, research and knowledge backed website optimization to give your site the look it needs to cater to users and search engines in a better way.

    Meta Tags

    Meta tags are important for any page, as these are what search engines crawl to look for what kind of information the page contains. Keywords and phrases in meta tags work to alert search engines that the page is relevant to what information is being requested.

    Headings (H1, H2,….H6)

    Keyword and topic relevant headings in a web page make content rich, easy to grasp, and friendly for users and search engines.

    Bold, Italic & Underline

    Marking the important keywords, phrases, information and words in bold, italic and underline helps readers and search engine algorithms to identify the important data and decipher the importance of the content and the page easily.


    Presence of interlinking between pages of a website provides a robust site structure, easy to navigate interface, relevancy and relation between the site pages. It is a key component that makes a website highly credible and SEO-friendly.

    Content Optimization

    Is your website content rich in context and information? Is it original and unique? Does it use relevant keywords in the right way? We look at some key aspects of content optimization.

    Keyword Research

    Research and identification of keywords (in different forms) helps to find out what keywords people are searching for related to your products and services. It helps to determine what keywords to target to formulate content and page structure to get high SERP rankings and visibility.

    Keyword Optimization

    Use of keywords wherever necessary, right from page titles and tags to meta tags and descriptions, page content (inclusive of headings), alt tags and more, in a proper and non-stuffing way to give relevancy and context to the whole information presentation.

    Content Organization

    Organization of textual, web page, service and product information, image and video content and more, which is essential for your website that reflects a true identity of who you are, what you do, and how you are beneficial for the user’s search.

    Content Promotion

    Promotion of website as well as marketing content materials in the form of blogs, articles, press release, social media communication, infographics, images and videos to give your website the push and boost it needs to be found amongst the users and on search engines.

    Off-page Optimization

    The optimization process that is done outside of your website, related to giving it the authority on the web space, presence on varied platforms is what off-page optimization does. It helps your site to grow its roots through the web space, and have a reflective face amongst competitors, an identity in front of the users and search engines.

    Low Quality Backlinks

    Backlinks are essential for your SEO strategy. We are concerned about who your website connects with which impacts the overall image it builds online. Thereby, finding the right and helpful links is our key focus.

    High Quality Backlinks

    High quality backlinks that links your website to high-authority websites and webpages will go a mile in giving you the brand identity boost you are looking for. We engage with, post on and generate backlinks from high profile sources which influences your search engine ranking deeply.

    Guest Post Quality Backlinks

    Writing on topics and websites that relates to your industry, providing and talking on key, rich information helps us to generate guest post links from quality sources, along with traffic from these sources.

    Link Exchange

    We associate with people and web masters in your industry, working our way to exchange links with them that helps to grow a robust network within the community, and works to generate more backlinks.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Have something to ask or know about our services as a dedicated and top SEO company n India? Want to get more info on our SEO approach? Get more information with below appended Frequently Asked Questions.

    Why SEO is important for my website?

    SEO is important for your site as it involves various factors to re-structure your website as per the search engine guidelines, helps to give enhanced user experience platform and is highly critical to beat competitors and rank high on SERPs and gain better organic ranking and traffic.

    How much does SEO company cost for their services?

    The costing depends entirely on what services you want to get, and the complexity and size of your project. It also depends on whether you want complete SEO services or a standalone service. We have different packages to suit different requirements of clients.

    Does SEO company in India offer any bulk discount on SEO?

    We can offer that, but again it depends on what services you are looking to get. Discounts are also provided on different occasions and as per our policies.

    What SEO company provide to its customer ?

    A SEO company, like us, provides complete solution to business owners for their website, helping it get optimized, gain high ranking on SERPs, increased traffic, sale conversions and thus improved ROI.

    How to find best SEO company in India?

    With our thought-provoking process, innovative methodology, technical expertise, analysis based approach, a team of experienced and skilled professionals, and a service criteria that works through a customized way, we can vouch to be considered as one of the best SEO company in India.

    How much should I pay to SEO company in India?

    This depends on what service you are getting, what package you have opted for. Also, do consult any other cost associated for the service, with the SEO company.

    Can SEO company improve my business?

    Definitely. We, as a reliable SEO agency in India know what we are doing and guarantees fruitful results for our clients, based on our past experience, futuristic process and knowledge and skillset.

    What other services does SEO company offer?

    Apart from core SEO services, you can also get website design and development, PPC (Pay-Per-Click), SMO (Social media Optimization), ORM (Online Reputation Management) and mobile app development and optimization services.

    If I don't have website, Should I still contact to SEO company?

    Yes sure. If you plan to take your business online than you can contact us and get the website designed and developed from scratch, along with SEO implementation and service post that.

    What should we expect from an SEO company?

    You can expect the SEO company to give your website the SEO-friendly look and optimization, along with working on the agreed service structure, coupled with providing you with detailed and timely reports, keeping you in loop about what is going on, and helps you gain results as you desire and as you have been promised by them.

    What makes Techpapa better than other SEO companies?

    It is our knowledge, approach, flexible and scalable process, custom-tailored services, continuous learning and evolvement in accordance with the industry and tools and techniques, and a team of dedicated team and full use of resources that helps us give results all the time that makes us as one of the leading and top SEO company in India.

    If My Site Ranks Well Now, what SEO company can do for me?

    As technology and markets are always evolving you cannot be guaranteed to keep that place if you can’t work on your strategy regularly. This is what we can do for you. Keep you positioned there, ensure you get more traffic and business, and stay ahead of the completion in the future as well.

    Why does SEO company helps in growing web presence?

    Through different approaches and processes, which includes website re-structuring and optimization, a comprehensive white-hat SEO practice that helps to gain visibility, enhanced traffic we help make the business a buzzing, followed, liked and loved brand.

    What would be the deliverable by SEO company?

    We are dedicated to deliver to you what we have promised, and in the time frame and budget as we promise when we first hold consultation with you; all depending on the services your require, and the project’s complexity and length.

    My business provide local services to nearby location, Should I still hire SEO company?

    Yes, Local SEO has gained high traction in recent times, and it is a specialized kind of SEO strategy that helps local businesses to target local areas, and gain traffic and business in their geographic vicinity.

    How long does it take to see results from SEO?

    As SEO is all about gaining organic traffic and results, right SEO is all about white-hat practices that take a bit of time to give your business website the robust platform and visibility it needs. So, you have to relax and give your SEO company some time before you can start seeing results, which lasts for long.

    How do you do SEO for my website?

    We use best-practice approach, combining best of technology, tools and methodology, utilized by our resourceful and talented team of industry expert professionals holding expertise in different SEO service domains. We work through an agile, flexible and customized approach to give desired results for every specific website project.

    TECHPAPA your trusted SEO Company in India?

    • Past Success – We have worked tirelessly helping many brands and businesses gain local and well as global SEO results the way they wanted. You can check our testimonial and case studies to see how satisfied they have been because of our services.
    • Customized Services – Every other business and client is unique. So does our SEO approach for them. We understand and assess what exactly they are looking for and create a roadmap defined on key specifics only suitable for them.
    • Work Quality – Quality is what lasts. Whatever we do, technology we do, approach we incorporate and results we deliver reflect refined quality, which we always believe in.

    Want to take your business to the next level? Consult top SEO agency in India now for detailed project discussion!

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