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Best Tech Companies in India

You might have heard about a site Glassdoor. It is one of the top websites where current and former employees anonymously review companies, submit salary of different jobs and search as well as apply for jobs. This glassdoor site was so famous that in 2018, this company was acquired by the Japanese firm for the US $ 1.2 billion and at the beginning of 2019, this jobs and reviewing site Glassdoor released its yearly list in which the below-mentioned tech companies are included in the article stating 100 best tech companies to work for. Read this review post to know the top best companies in 2019.


Techpapa Technology –       


Techpapa is one of the best leading techie companies in India as of 2019. This is because this company is successfully serving clients in more than 10 countries, worked for more than 50 industries and completed more than 100 projects. Some of its unmatchable services include digital marketing services including, e-commerce SEO, SMO, SEM, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, lead generation, and conversion optimization. The owner of this company feels great pleasure in solving client’s toughest challenges by driving desired and increased ROI.


Apart from these, Techpapa also has expertise in web development, web designing, app development for mobile users. Some of the clients are NurseOneStop, Meegash Unisex Salon, Global Media network, Enkay, Carking- certified cars with a warranty, Art live gallery, etc. last year this company has increased overall 125 percent of sales and revenue for their clients and provided drastic results in the ranking of client’s website.


Website: https://techpapa.in


Mindtree –


Established in 1999, Mindtree is the company which offers IT as well as technical solutions to customers. This company provides in-demand services which include data analytics, cloud, infrastructure management, Microsoft services, application development and maintenance for their clients which helps in accelerating their client’s growth at a fast rate. Another interesting part of this company is 30 percent inclusion of women in its workplace.


More than 340 business clients which completely depends on their deep domain knowledge. Operating across 17 countries, this company is regarded as one of the best tech company in India. In 2019 Mindtree has been recognized as Rising Star (US) for SAP BW/4 on HANA Operations in Ecosystem Partners. This company is connected to all categories of companies i.e., banking sector, capital markets, education, manufacturing, insurance, retail, consumer technology, media and entertainment, travel and hospitality, etc.


 Website: www.mindtree.com



L & T Infotech –


This company is a subsidiary of Larsen and Turbo which was founded in 1997 and currently operating in over 23 countries. The company has over 250 clients across the globe and was awarded as the top performer in global corporate social responsibility in 2016 Global Outsourcing 100. The company focuses prior to quality over quantity and the founders keep improving their benchmark progress. Recently this company was ranked amongst super 50 in Dalal Street Journal in March 2018. It was also named one of The Star Performers and Major Contenders in Everest group’s PEAK Matrix Assessment 2015. Its services include Big data, analytics, and Internet of things solutions.


Website: www.larsentoubro.com




This is one of the highest-ranking tech companies in India. HCL Technologies is a part of the HCL group established in 1976. It is known to provide diverse services from all categories like application development, infrastructure, engineering, digital process operations, etc. which sub includes services like application development and maintenance, SAP, data center services, etc. this company was listed in 250 under Fortune 500 and 650 of Global 2000. Currently, this company is operating in 44 countries worldwide. This company believes in developing relationships beyond the contract, it believes in innovation and working with a purpose of bringing change in technical industries.


HCL Technology is for any kind of enterprises whether small or medium doesn’t matter. Its mode 1-2-3 strategy says that HCL first believes in creating core services be it an existing product or entering a new market, then it focuses on building next-generation products and services for users (its future planning in layman’s term) and the third strategy is continuously innovating and building effective products and services for customers.


Website: www.hcltech.com



Wipro –


Wipro was the first Indian software technology and services company which achieved ISO 4001 certification in 2002. The company focuses on the number of key things such as machine learning, data sciences, and analytics and recently updated for blockchain technologies. In 2010, the company was positioned first rank holder for Asian Sustainability Rating and also was recognized as the most ethical companies in the world in 2017. Currently, Wipro is operating in 6 continents worldwide. Currently, Wipro has a turnover of approx 50k crores for the last four quarters.


Website: www.wipro.com/en-IN/



Infosys –


Being the global leader in the technical service area and consulting Infosys was the first Indian IT company to be listed on NASDAQ. The core services of Infosys include education, health, digital marketing, etc. In addition to this, it also offers services like blockchain development, AI and automation, data analytics, IoT, engineering services, application development and maintenance, business process management, consulting services, etc.


Currently, the company is investing in big data and blockchain technologies and its total revenue is approx 60 k crores for the last 4 decades. With over three decades of experience in managing the systems and workings of global enterprises, Infosys expertly steer each client with the help of their digital journey. Infosys believes in always learning and keep improving things through the building and transferring digital skills, expertise and ideas from their innovation ecosystem. 


 Website: www.infosys.com


Tata Consultancy Services –


TCS is the first Indian IT company which acquired a market capitalization of 100 billion dollars. Today TCS is operating in more than 80 countries in the world out of which in 289 offices in 46 countries and 147 delivery centers in 21 countries. It provides all kinds of in-demand services for users such as IoT, blockchain, cloud infrastructure, cybersecurity, TCS Interactive, analytics, and insights, consulting, conversational experiences, cloud applications, quality engineering, industrial engineering, etc.


Besides these services, TCS also has several products for all sorts of users such as Chroma, Customer intelligence, and insights, etc.


Website: www.tcs.com


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