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Local seo

10 Local SEO Tips to Boost your Local Business

If you are running a small business locally then let us tell you what you should be knowing before we proceed further – 80% of the searches are done locally.

Users wish to make their lives easy by looking for products and services which are near by. Indirectly they are looking for you! Online!

You might be really happy with your brick and mortal but some day you will lose it to your competitors who are playing it safe with their online presence. If you haven’t got your local seo done then now is the time because when it comes to online marketing seo is the ultimate changing reality.

You can try out our affordable local seo packages that we have exclusively designed keeping in mind your needs, through which we promise to deliver services that will never let any competitor pass you by online!

Before we move on to discussing how to make a local SEO success let us first understand what is local seo and how important it can be for your business.

What is local SEO ?

Local SEO as the name suggest is different from global SEO, it is meant for business that are functioning locally say in a certain geographical area or location.

The prerequisite of SEO is to have a website so is the case with local SEO. Any small business having a website is eligible for local SEO. Brick and Mortal businesses like a  grocery store, an ecommerce store, a workshop providing car washing services or a shop providing housekeeping services will never get a chance to be on the top list of the google’s SERPs if they get their website optimized for SEO. In fact there are chances for them to have a better page ranking by getting done with local SEO, as the competition in local market is lower as compared to global market.

Why is local SEO important for your local business? 

We all know that user is looking to buy products and take services from businesses that ate nearby them. To your surprise 80% of searches are local.

Local SEO can bring the relevant traffic to your website and help you in making your business a big time success. When you optimize your website’s content diligently as per the local keywords and fair SEO practices then there are chances of your conversion to increase by 80%.

Relevant traffic, higher conversion and higher search ranking makes you look way better than your competitor. And when you are consistently doing well online people will recognize your brand over your competitor’s brand. Consistent brands never let their customers leave rather customers never leave them.

And this is how local SEO helps your business grow and sustain in the market.

What makes local SEO success?

Here are a few tips rather points for you to remember while you opt for local SEO to benefit your website


  1. Create a Responsive Website:


Your website is the face of your business. It’s not you but your website that is going to interact on your behalf with the users so make sure that its beyond perfect else you might just end up losing potential customers


Initially during the era where there were no smart phones. All the websites were designed on basis of one size fit for all technique as these were meant only for the desktop version.


But now times have changed and  everybody has evolved as a tech freak. People not only have access to smart phones but to other electronic devices like tablets, laptops, palm tops as well.


It is very important that you make sure that before your website’s search engine optimization begins, it is mobile optimized as well. And here mobile optimized means along with mobile phone it will not only support but auto adjust and resize to different electronic devices as well.



  1. Titles and meta tags description:


Titles and meta tags are customizaable HTML elements which give the crux of the content of your website or the page.


As these appear on the top on search pages the content should be written in a really attractive to catchy manner, else the user might notice it but there will be not engagement or conversion as It is through these title and meta descriptions people land on your website. It is indeed maker or a breaker.


So here is a pro tipthat in Local seo always use the name of location you are present at and local targeted key words in your titles and meta descriptions while will help in reaching the local users.


  1. Google My Business:


It is one of the best ways to make the world aware of your business. Google my business is a directory holding all the details of businesses registered with Google.


The best part is that it is absolutely free of cost to get yourself registered over here. All you are required to do is visit their online page and follow their step by step registration process.


For its verification, Google will send you a pin through post at your registered office. This is done in order to verify whether it is your business or not, whether you are the true owner or just bluffing around.


Once you get your pin, the next step is to enter it and optimize your Google my business listing by entering details like descriptions, categories, business hours, mode of payments accepted and much more. Addition to this you can also add logos and pictures of your business’s products and services as this also help in better page ranking .


Make sure each and every relevant information is updated regarding your business so that your listing is complete to its terms and there’s nothing left undone.


  1. Beyond Google-


Though Google is the dominating search engine but in order to succeed at local seo, make sure you are present at other search engines as well.


Always think about other search engines where you can optimize your website locally you may not consider it initially but it can give you first mover advance over your competitors.


Also you can opt in for Local listing for eg yellow pages and just dial. Local listing indeed is an important aspect of local seo because when you get more citations, your brand’s reputation reaches a higher level which boosts your website.


  1. Consistency in NAP:


This is very important aspect of SEO. While you proceed with Google My Business listing and local listing make sure that you keep NAP( Name, Address and Phone number) consistent throughout these listings.


It is through NAP, users recognize and reach you. When the details are consistent throughout platforms it creates a level of trust worthiness in the minds of customers but in case of deviations it could hamper the image of business and in worst case the potential users will never be able to reach you which is again a loss of business.



  1. Use local Keywords:


Keywords are very important when it comes to SEO. As it is through keywords we get to learn about user intent.


For local search ranking optimize your website’s content with Local keywords. Local keywords are related to your location base. These could be “near me” and other location generic keywords.


  1. Recommendations and Reviews:


Don’t we as individuals just check out reviews before buying a product or service, even do it for movies and books as well?


Of course we do and so does everybody else. User might land on your website and engage with your content but before making their final decision they will somehow look for positive reviews and recommendations.


Never underestimate the power of positivity it can have your prospects while they go through the reviews from your customer regarding your product offerings  and services.

And for that matter Google also blesses those pages having positive reviews and recommendations.

As local businesses you don’t have to struggle on this a lot just make sure that your customers happy it will somehow have an effect on you cyber pages.


Never miss an opportunity to ask these happy and satisfied customers to give their feedbacks in form of written reviews and recommendations on your website and do ask them to refer it to their friends of the products and services they were satisfied about.




  1. Creating Back link:


Back linking, again is an important seo aspect in terms of traffic as well as in terms of building a trust and faith. Backlinking creates an image in the minds of customers that the particular brand is a better one. A brand that can be trusted as it has a name over other brands.


There are many ways to acquire back links for your business. The easiest one could be the black hat SEO Services which should never be followed. As the name suggests it is a negative form of seo practice and google may remove your website from research results if you are caught doing it


Other way to successful SEO is white SEO practices which are a fair set of techniques in order to achieve best results.


think of other local players existing in the market which are not in the same business but are interacting with you on regular basis. The best ways to get a back link is to collaborate with them by asking for a back link from their website and in return providing one from yours. Since these aren’t your competitors there is no competition and the situation for both is a win-win


Your content also matters that is the reason why it is always advised to create content which sells for itself. You can either start a blog or simply work on the content of the website. Create content so awesome that people actually wish to back link on it.


Apart from these mentioned techniques you can also consider purchasing a white SEO link building package from us that would fit in your budget and also help in getting traffic to your website.


  1. Use Schema markup:


Schema markup was introduced by schema.org. Using the schema markup code on your website creates a unique description of the content.


This description is called rich snippets and can be seen on top results of Google’s SERPs.It is said correctly that markup schema can change your website’s fate


Schema markup increases the visibility and search ranking of the website but it requires a lot of work and processing hence it is advised to take a professional help while you wish to increase traffic though this option.


  1. Website’s loading speed:


It is very disappointing for a user to wait for website pages to load and respond.


And since majority of users are going to reach your website through smart phones. It becomes equally important for a website to perform speedily as well as resize itself according to the interface


It is search engine’s job to quickly provide the results as per the users intend who don’t like t wait while their pages load. The drawback over here is that if your website is not loading quickly then it might never reach to the top of SERPs and lead to degrade in business.

Hence it is advice to work on the interface for its loading speed.

This is all about Local SEO and how it can affect your website and specially your business. We understand that there is cut throat competition in the market and it becomes equally difficult to survive when you are either new or small.

To make the best of Local SEO try our affordable local SEO packages which are designed as per the requirements of businesses that are functioning at local levels.

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