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Web Hosting Services

Web Hosting Services

Having a website is an essence for any type of business belonging to any industry!

Whether you are an individual established as an independent brand or an enterprise with a success story. Your website is a single point of contact where all your business related information is available to your existing and potential customers.


As we know that website is made of web pages having the same domain name


When you start a business, you either buy or rent office space. The same way website requires a space through which it can operate. Now where do you get these spaces? Web hosting is the answer!


Now you would wonder what is web hosting ?


Web hosting is a set of unique services which facilitate businesses to post their website anywhere on the internet. These web hosts runs on the idea of servers. Servers are big storage computers where all the important data and files of the website is stored. These servers are designed to have huge capacities for data so your websites function properly without any interruption.


While you might think that, it’s just a matter of server, a physical computer which will store all the information then why not have it on your own Personal Computer. Which is not a feasible idea  for multiple reasons. Setting up your website properly will require you to gain a lot of technical hands on experience which requires 24*7 assistance, it cannot be left unattended. The computer which acts as a server needs to be properly connected to the internet and should never be shut down. In all it requires high maintenance and immediate attention in case of any discrepancies, which can only be done smoothly and effective by a team of professionals who know in and out about it will be able to give solution faster.


What are the benefits of Web Hosting? 


It is advised to have or get a domain name in order to run on a web host. This is because when user types your domain name on the web, the host sends all the files from the server to the internet. There are several benefits of having your website web hosted especially when you are new on the web. Initially you may not have knowledge or expertise to work on how to optimise your website to the fullest. Hence it is advised to have an expertise on role for the initial time as it might give base to the website as well.


Types of Web Hosting 

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There are several types of web hosting available for your website. It is advised to analyze and review all the options available in order to make an informed choice beforehand so it turns out to be the best. Do an in-depth study about the requirements for the website.


Shared Web hosting


When you are a newbie on the net and want to test waters then this is the best kind of hosting option for your business. As the name suggests in the shared web hosting you will be given access to the serves along with number of websites where the elements of server are shared between all the websites present. It is the most inexpensive type of website hosting of the rest.

Best suited for- Positives Not so positives
1. New business setups

2. Personal Blogs or websites who are not expected to receive huge traffic on their website

3. Small/ medium business crunch on budget .

1. Inexpensive

2. Ideal for beginners

3. Auto backups are available

1. Does not generate huge traffic

2. Since the space is getting divided with other websites the capacity of storage gets reduced.

3. Page load speed is low

What to Discuss with Expert? Call @7838700506



Dedicated web hosting 


We all understand the word ‘dedicated’, In this kind of web hosting anything and everything of the server belongs to the business. There is no need to share your server with anyone unlike shared web hosting.

Best suited for- Positives Not so positives
1. Businesses who have the capacity in terms of budget as well as technical knowhow.

2. businesses who want to self control their server.

1. The whole server belongs to the business

2. high storage capacity as only one website will be hosted by dedicated web host.

3. Businesses get to keep and review the performances as all the control is in their hands.

1. The most expensive kind of web hosting

2. In-depth technical knowhow is required

3. Will increase the cost of employment if the businesses plan to have their own in house hosting team



VPS-Virtual Private Server:


If there is a way out to choose between shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting then it is VPS or Virtual Private Server. The entire server is broken down into smaller virtual servers, and these virtual servers are allocated to different websites but the number is way less than what would be on shared web host. Also what differentiates VPS-Virtual Private Server from Shared Web host is that availability of resources and control given to the business. Thought the server is shared by other websites, but the business have full control over the server and their websites’s functioning.

Best suited for- Positives Not so positives
Businesses for whom Shared Web Host is least effective and dedicated web hosting is way too expensive, then the best way out to get advantages of both shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting is VPS-Virtual Private Server Hosting. 1. Full access of Server at lower price

2. Enough storage capacity as there is one dedicated virtual server

3. Server can be custom made

1. Though not as much as dedicated web hosting VPS-Virtual Private Server is still a costly affair.

2. Just like Dedicated Web Hosting, it also requires in depth technical knowledge and cannot be managed by any other person who doesn’t have the required skills to operate it.



Reseller Web Hosting


Let’s get back to Shared Web Hosting where there are many websites running simultaneously along with your website. But that’s surely an inbuilt thing and you cannot change its functioning on your own. Reseller Web hosting is like Shared web hosting where you can share the unused storage space on the server to host third party websites.


Best suited for- it fits those who have bought the hosting but later realized that they do not require so much of the capacities. Then instead of wasting that space and letting it go unutilized, the best option is to resell that section some other party. This option basically comes with a special feature on the dashboard to sell the space on the server.

Best suited for- Positives Not so positives
It fits those who have bought the hosting but later realized that they do not require so much of the capacities. Then instead of wasting that space and letting it go unutilized, the best option is to resell that section some other party. This option basically comes with a special feature on the dashboard to sell the space on the server. 1. It is a source of recurring income

2. Utilization of unused resources

3. 2nd cheapest after Shared Web Hosting.

4. Enough storage space is available for the business

1. It may affect the working of website by clashing with others

2. Initially may happen that the business decides to resell the space on server but there might be a chance in the near future that business will require more storage which will build differences between the host and the third party




WordPress Hosting 


WordPress is a Content Management System, which helps in creating and running business websites. This is user-friendly in the sense that one can immediately access it by installing WordPress on their systems. These generally have inbuilt themes for websites and do not require in-depth technical knowledge as compared to other web hosting options.

Best suited for- Positives Not so positives
The small business who believe in Easy, Do It Yourself approach. 1. User friendly

2. Less Time consuming

3. Wide Range of themes to get the websites customized as per requirements.

4. The platform has pocket friendly budgets for website

5. the uptime is high

The access and control over website is solely in the hands of technical community of WordPress




So, here is the list of types of web hosting , but still have doubts as to which one to choose for your business then web hosting services in Noida like ours can help find you the best fit.

Web Hosting and Operating Systems 


Till now we have understood what web hosting is!

But before we move forward let us also understand what is an operating system ?


Operating system is to computers what brain is to the human body, in simpler words Operating System works as an interface between user and the computer system. It is a platform which facilitates proper working of other applications on the computer. During the initial years of computers, the systems were designed to run single programs, but as the technology advanced with the cut throat competition, now there is a need for multiple applications to run at the same time simultaneously without disrupting each other.


While choosing the OS for Web server there’s a popular doubt on whether the operating system of web server should be same to that of system where the website was created. To clarify the same it is important to understand that the operating systems we use for personal computers has got nothing to do with operating system for web hosting


The requirement of using OS in our daily lives is totally different from that we are going to use for web hosting. The utilization of everyday operating systems is less as compared to web servers.As everyday OS runs by a single user with limited applications whereas the web server has multiple users as it is meant to support multiple desktops or laptops while there are infinite applications running on it. The web servers are way more expensive than the everyday servers because of its huge offerings and features like storage capacity, speed and dynamics.


While uploading your website you might come up with questions like what operating system should you use for web hosting?

Choosing an operating system is a tedious task but an important one. There are several operating systems available, to name a few-Linux Operating System, Windows Operating systems, Apple iOS etc. each having their own unique and special features.

Let us discuss these one by one.


Windows Operating system 

We are very well aware of this operating system because of its popularity and presence. Over the years Microsoft has come up with its version to create user friendly interface

Since the windows operating system is either inbuilt in the system or you can get it as a software that could be loaded separately. The advantage of going for windows operating system  is that it integrates with all windows applications across all platforms and also supports ASP( Active Server Pages) Technology. The cons of this operating system is that it’s quite expensive as compared to other operating systems and if one doesn’t have a technical knowledge then working with it a tedious task as they do not function smoothly during heavy web traffic. Addition to all these they are also prone to viruses.


Linux Operating System 

Linux is free and open source Operating system, which could be accessed by anyone. This is the second most famous operating system because of its stable nature. It is advised to go for linux as a web operating system because of numerous advantages, firstly it is cost effective…it is free, stable, will not be affected by high web traffic, has a high uptime  and is not prone to viruses if compared to Windows Operating system. Also if there is any problem pertaining to its functioning can be fixed by referring to numerous help sources available online and also by connecting to Linux community which are loyal users of the operating system.


Apple MacOS

Apple is known for its state of the art products and technology it is exclusively for its users. Apple MacOS, created by Apple Inc. is Operating system which serves niche audience as it runs on Apple’s desktops and laptops. Its core features include its user friendly interface which includes it’s in built applications namely  Siri, voice personal assistant, and FaceTime, video-calling application. Though Apple’s Operating system may have an advantage and features over other operating systems like Linux and windows operating system but it’s a rare thing to find a host that would provide MacOS server.



Powered by Google,Through it can installed on any device but  Android OS runs the best on phones and tablets. Like any other operating system it has its own features which makes it different from others. It is majorly available as an open source and can be customized as per user’s requirements.


What is the best web server for my Website?

There isn’t an apt answer to this as it solely depends on what programming language your website is worked out on. There isn’t much competition while choosing the best web server for the website as majority of websites either run on Windows Operating server or Linux Operation Server.


Best Web Hosting services providers for your website!

While setting up your website, you will need a stable and reliable web hosting services in India that serves the basic purpose of business. But before you choose any one of the below mentioned service providers you will have to take into consideration a lot of things that suit your website.

Do a thorough study and research on all the plans your web service provider is offering, check which one is the best for you, also beware of additional hidden costs that might come up after the first use.

A good web host gives you value for your money by getting you a big return on investment for a lifetime. Factor like guaranteed uptime and user friendly interface do add up to the decisions of choosing the best in class service provider.

Just before arriving at a conclusion make sure you understand and analyses all the plans and choose the best for you!

To help you make the process convenient, here is the list of service providers at your disposal.


Cloudways operates on its core values which help them manage web hosting services phenomenally.

The basis of this service provider lies in their ideology of making things simplifying problems through their creative and innovative approach which data driven. This indeed makes them a phenomenal service provider in the industry!

Here is our further analysis on what cloudways has to offer!


Key features

Want to migrate from your existing host. Cloudways does it for free !
And that’s not all as you get a free SSL certificate along, plus their support team is available 24/7 at your service in case you get stuck up anywhere ! Anytime!

There are five different platforms where you can host your website using cloudways, namely-
• Digital Ocean
• Linode
• Vultr
• Google Cloud
Each of the above mentioned platforms have their own pricing plans which are inclusive of features the platforms will cater to, let us go through these one by one!


a. Digital Ocean- Having data centers at 8 different locations namely- London, Singapore, Amsterdam, Toronto, Frankfurt, San Francisco, New York and Bangalore, has four plans to offer starting from $10/month to $80/ month


As per customer’s choice, the most popular plan of Digital Ocean is the $45/ month plan.

The best thing about this platform there is a uniformity maintained when it comes to services offered against any plan. All plans include free SSL certificate, 24/7 support system, free migration and a lot more.


b. Linode- Another platform having its data center presence in Newark, Fremont, Dallas, London, atlanta, singapore, frankfurt and Tokyo, the pricing plans starting from $12/ month and reaching till $90/ month are a vast range to choose from.
The most popular ad customer desired plan for this platform is the one starting at price of $50 / month

The additional services of Linode is the customer getting against choice of plan remains uniform without any special priority given to the highest paid services.



c. VULTR- Having its data centers across USA-Seattle, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and New York , UK- London , Europe-Amsterdam, Paris and Frankfurt and Asia Pacific – Tokyo and Sydney its pricing plan starts from $12/ month and shoots up to $84/month

The popular plan for Vultr is the one starting at $44/ month. And just like other platforms have the same services for all packages this applies here as well. No partiality, only uniformity.

d. AWS- Owned and run by E-commerce giant, Amazon, aws has global presence. With its high quality of storage capacities and processing power, the pricing plans start from $36.51/ month and goes till $274.33/ month. It is a bit costlier than other platforms we discussed earlier it is because of the established brand name it is associated to !

The most popular plan prevailing under this platform is the one starting at $ 86.77/month. The difference with platform is that unlike other platforms you cannot access a free trial through cloudways for this particular platform.



e. Google Cloud- Powered by google, This platform like aws carries a brand name and as always google has a reputation to maintain for its offered services because of which it never compromises on its quality and as we know that with great quality comes a higher price pay. After aws it is the second costliest platform to host your website on. The pricing for this plat starts at $30.33 and closes at $226.50/ month.

The most popular choice for this platform is the one starting at $73.62/ month. With Cloudways you cannot access free trial for Google cloud. You will be required to upgrade your cloudways accounts for the same.

These are the different platforms available if you wish to have an account on cloudways to launch and host your website. Each has a different advantage over other all have to do is an in depth analysis and choose the best for your website.


HostGator was founded in the year 2002 and acquired by Endurance International Group (EIG) in the year 2012. With its global presence and expansive experience, it has proved its mettle to be one of the leading web hosting services providers in the world.

HostGator has well-defined lines for its web hosting services which makes it a one stop shop for the requirements. Ranging from in and out of domain registration to shared, Reseller, VPN, dedicated and wordPress hosting

The users can choose from two locations where HostGator’s website is available- India or USA.

If the websites are programmed in HTML/CSS, PHP or on WordPress, Linux Shared Hosting is the best choice.

Now why HostGator? What it has to Offer? 

The most attractive feature of HostGator is its 45 day Guarantee Policy, which clearly states that if the user is unsatisfied and unhappy with the results then they can ask for a complete refund from HostGator. Now who does that! To everyone’s surprise HostGator does ! Apart from this there are numerous other reasons why HostGator has a visibility in the industry. Its support is always available via calls, chat and email to answer all the queries related to web hosting. Also HostGator has tied up with GPX, a leading tier 4 Datacenter in India which ensures 99.9% uptime guarantee but that’s not all as they local payment gateways and a support team which facilitates communication in local language hence for its indian users it has a bit more to offer.


Here are the plans available for Hostgator’a Web Hosting Services


HostGator provides Web Hosting which is Linux based, Windows based and also for other open source platforms



First of all why Linux based hosting?

If the websites are programmed in HTML/CSS, PHP or on WordPress, Linux Shared Hosting is the best choice.


Linux for Shared Web Hosting– web hosting there are multiple websites running on a single server.


HostGator offers four different plans for Linux Shared hosting namely-Starter, Hatchling, Baby and Business. Each of these plans have its own pricing against offered facilities. Also the pricing would differ if you are choosing The Location of Server to be India or USA



The starter and the hatchling Plans are the basic plans which would suffice the basic and initial needs of the users. Whereas as the Baby and  the Business are the advanced web hosting plans for shared hosting.


Each plan has its own unique facilities to provide but the most recommended one is The Business plan for the users. As it provides all the things they would need to host their websites.


Linux for Reseller Hosting 


We have already discussed what Reseller hosting is, so now let us directly move to the plans offer under this type of hosting.


ALUMINIUM ₹1699 ₹1699
COPPER ₹1999 ₹1999
SILVER ₹2599 ₹2599
GOLD ₹3199 ₹3199


The four plans are Aluminum, Copper, silver and gold. Whatever the location of your server, the prices really do not make a difference. The only thing that differentiated the plan from other are the included services. Higher the price more space and bandwidth will be allotted to the user.


Linux for VPS Hosting 

In VPS or Virtual Private Server, one server is divided into virtual servers which are further allocated to websites.

The plans offered for VPS Hosting are as follows


SNAPPY 2000 ₹999 ₹999
SNAPPY 4000 ₹1999 ₹1999
SNAPPY 6000 ₹2999 ₹2999
SNAPPY 8000 ₹3999 ₹3999


Let was all for the Linux based hosting, now us move to the next type of hosting i.w Windows Based Hosting


When do you Opt for Windows Based Hosting ?


The user should opt for Windows based hosting if their website is developed using ASP, ASP.NET, SQL.


What are the benefits of Windows based hosting on HostGator ?


Ease to manage the website with Plesk panel Onyx 17.5.

Latest programming and database for website

Access to professional Email account which work on web and mobile

Access to over 300 applications via using windows shared hosting.


Windows Shared Hosting 


Windows shared hosting has three plans to offer Starter, Personal and Enterprise.

Just like Linux Based Hosting, you can either host your website on Indian Server or USA Server.


The Windows Shared Hosting has three plans to offer under its name

  • Starter– The prices of this plan starts at ₹399 for hosting the website at indian server and at ₹299 for the USA Server. It has 10 GB disk space,access to  5 email accounts and a single domain and a few other services.
  • Personal-Just like the starter plan it also gives a single domain access but with unlimited disk space and email accounts. The pricing starts at ₹459 for the USA server and ₹559 for the india server.
  • Enterprise– if you wish to have it all with windows shared hosting then Enterprise is the plan for you! It is the most recommended plan by HostGator for your business. It provides all services that a Starter or Personal plan would get you except for free upgrade to Positive SSL and free dedicated IP.


Windows Reseller Hosting 


Want to earn some extra? 

Then try the Reseller plans of Hostgator

Depending on your will you can choose from any four of the below mentioned plans for Reseller Hosting

  • Prep– it gives access to 20GB Disk Space with 100 gb bandwidth and unlimited domains starting at ₹1775/ month
  • Starter– Get access to 50GB Disk Space with 200 GB bandwidth and unlimited domains starting at ₹1885/ month
  • Expert– This plan has to offer 100GB Disk Space with 300 GB bandwidth and unlimited domains starting at ₹2835/ month
  • Professional- Get the most of Windows Reseller hosting with professional plan offering 200GB Disk Space with 500 GB bandwidth and unlimited domains starting at ₹3985/ month


Windows Dedicated server 

You choose a dedicated server if your requirements for the website are big enough. Like say you budget also you have huge traffic on your website.


Host Gator has 4 plans for its dedicated server services


These ares –

Win- Basic: With 1TB transfer, 4GB RAM, 2 Free IPS, this plan starts at ₹9545/month for one year

Win-Standard: With 1TB transfer, 12GB RAM, 2 Free IPS, this plan starts at ₹11375/month for one year

Win-Elite: With 1TB transfer, 20GB RAM, 2 Free IPS, this plan starts at ₹15259/month for one year

Win-Pro:  With 1TB transfer, 28GB RAM, 2 Free IPS, this plan starts at ₹16995/month for one year


When it comes to choosing the most cost effective plan one should compare with the time period and cost, sometimes it is more profitable to take an yearly plan than monthly plans


Depending on their needs users are advised to choose a plan for dedicated server service.



‘Raja’ is a Hindi word which means King, sticking to its name having more than 1,50,000 customers, hosting Raja is one of India’s leading web hosting services provider. Hosting Raja works towards providing affordable web hosting plans for small scale businesses or new businesses.

Hosting Raja, has affordable plans for all types of websites. The three plans are as follows-


  1. Gold Affordable Plan – starting from ₹ 161/month, this type of plan is suitable for an established corporate looking for affordable ways to optimize their websites through web hosting. The price of this plan is highest amongst all the plans hence the features offered over  here are best in class over other plans the facilities which comes along this plan is as follows.


There is 120 GB Web Space available, you get 100 GB Bandwidth, a total of 250 Emails are     allowed, also Unlimited FTP Accounts along with Unlimited Sub Domain,  5 Websites, access to cPanel, free .in Domain, Drag & Drop Site Builder, and since this is the best of the rest affordable plans there is high Priority given to the user by the support team and Monthly Backup


  1. Silver Affordable Plan– Silver is apt for the businesses that are either growing or are small scale in nature and wish to optimize their sites at  pocket friendly prices. The price plans under silver start at ₹ 85/ month. Though it doesn’t have as many features as Gold Affordable plan but it still has features that would suffice the working of websites of small businesses. The plan provides the following features for its users which includes 100 GB Web Space,20 GB Bandwidth, access to  50 Emails, 10 FTP Accounts, 5 Sub Domain and 3 Websites along with  cPanel, Like the Gold Affordable Plan there will be no Free Domain nd no free Drag & Drop Site Builder, Also there won’t as much priority given to gold users for support though there will be monthly backup in this plan. Hence it is advised that users who do not require much of attention should opt for this plan, mainly for the initial years.


  1. Starter Affordable Plan – As the name suggests it is for the users who have just started with their businesses or a website which doesn’t require so much of traffic and maintenance. This is indeed the most affordable plan starting from ₹ 45/month. Having option of 40 GB Web Space,5 GB Bandwidth, access to 10 Emails 2 FTP Accounts, 1 Subdomain and 1 Website with  There will be  Free Domain available, no Drag & Drop Site Builder and since these types of users do not require immediate or no attention at all. These plans do not give access to high priority of customer support.


This was all about affordable plan now let’s move onto unlimited and premium plans which are other types of plans available for Hosting Raja Users who want to host loads of data.


The Unlimited and Premium are further divided into three broad category plans for the users who want to host unlimited data which includes files carrying media of all types. The plans offered are as follows:-


  1. Premium Corporate– Now if you generate a lot of content for your website, then this is the plan you should opt for this is indeed the best of all plans under the category. Starting at   ₹ 287/ month the  plan gives you access to unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth, domains, FTP, cPanels and much more you for your website.


  1. Premium SME– If you are new to the industry or want to increase traffic to your website then the plan best suited for you will be Premium SME. Well staring from ₹226/ month it gives you access to unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth, domains, FTP, cPanels and much more you for your website.


  1. Unlimited- This is the basic and most affordable plan offered by Hosting Raja under this category! It is best suited for medium scale business having medium traffic on their websites. It starts at ₹204/ month offering decent facilities against the above two mentioned plans.


Hosting Raja provides hosting plans for VPS, Dedicated, Cloud, WordPress, kubernetes and G suite.



When you talk about web hosting you do not get done without talking about US based, GoDaddy, which is one of the biggest names in the industry!


From having the highest number of domain name registrations in the world, to becoming a leader in the industry it has solutions to your every hosting query.


Key Features


Along with its With its state of the art technology, GoDaddy has lots to offer. A 24/7 support team which is available for your help at any point of time with guaranteed 99.99 % uptime


Now what differentiates Go daddy from others is its humble approach towards all hosting solutions.There best in class services do make them what they are today.


GoDaddy has 4 plans- Starter, Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate. Let’s discuss them in brief


Starter If you want to host a single website then this is the plan starting at ₹ 99.00with 30 GB of storage capacity and the best part about is unmetered bandwidth. The user can choose this pocket friendly plan


Economy- if you are new to the industry or just introduce your website to the world of web then this is the best plan for your website. It starts at ₹199.00 providing basis for the website.


DeluxeThis plan is best for websites which are at a growing stage. The kind of users who have multiple websites and want some extra space on the disk. This plan is a go ahead for them. It starts at  ₹299.00/month against unlimited websites, storage  and bandwidth.


Ultimate– when you are already an established  business and have huge traffic on your website, then ultimate is the plan you require for your site.the cost involved with the plan starts at  ₹499.00/month. This is the most effective plan for your website.


Except for the starter plan, all the other plans include free one year trial of professional email and free domain. And in addition The Ultimate plan offers free DNS and SSL Certificate.


Apart from these plan users can host their websites through GoDaddy.The WordPress plan has 4 options to choose from :-


Basic– New to WordPress hosting or planning to test waters get the basic plan starting at just ₹99.00/month.


Deluxe– When you want to get more visitors on your website through SEO, Delux is the plan you choose for yourself. In this the user gets SEO Optimizer, free business website for one year.


Ultimate-You either already have lots of content on your website or wish to add on along with the security then ultimate plan will suffice your website’s needs.the pans starts at ₹499 and comes with free SSL Certificate to secure your website to the fullest. .


Ecommerce-As the name suggests if you opt for this plan then you would get a full-fledged online store starting at ₹1139.00/month.



Part of the Endurance International Group, Bluehost is a Utah based web hosting service provider founded in the year 2003.It has a defined mission to empower people to fully harness the web, whether they are naive or have been established names. Bluehost creates and provides innovative tools to the users so that they can thrive with its web hosting service.


Key Feature 

Since the year 2005, BlueHost is recommended by WordPress.org, so when you avail the services of BlueHost, you will get access to WordPress’s unmatchable shared hosting services.


Shared WordPress Hosting with Bluehost 


Bluehost is known for its WordPress Shared Hosting.


With Bluehost you can host your site on WordPress in easy and hassle free way that too at affordable prices.


WordPress is a platform which has numerous features to offer which includes fast one click install and update, free SSL certificate for website security and free domain name registration for one year! You also get to choose a theme that suits your website from countless themes which are unique in nature and are available at WordPress.


Plans under WordPress Web Hosting ! 


Basic– The basic WordPress hosting plan starts at  ₹199.00/month which is suitable for one website, other services which this plan includes a free SSL certificate, 50 GB Storage, and  a free Domain for one year


Plus– Every feature you get from WordPress is an add on to you website ₹299.00/month in which you get access to unlimited websites, a free SSL Certificate, Unmetered storage and unlimited domains in addition to that the user gets 30 day free trial for 1 office 365 mailbox.


Choice Plus : If you want to have the most of WordPress Shared Hosting the Choice plus is the plan you should opt for because of its unlimited services. His plan also starts at ₹299.00/month in which you get access to unlimited websites, a free SSL Certificate, Unmetered storage and unlimited domains and sub domains also just like Plus plan the user gets 30 day free trial for 1 office 365 mailbox.


If you want to have value for money then Choice Plus Plan is the best for you.

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