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gender non discrimination

Piercing for Gender Non-Discrimination!!!

Piercing for gender non-discrimination:


Piercing for gender non-discrimination: Why International Women’s Day is one moment which is for growing digital march


On this Planet, March 8th of every year is celebrated as the International Women’s Day- a joint effort to advance gender non-discrimination and celebrate those moments which achieved by women and those impacts on social, political and cultural issues. From having more than 100 years, last year this International Women’s Day reaches to an extent when people searching about it.


The same month search interest of gender non-discrimination or equality reaches to its highest point. When someone is looking back and sees those events occurred in 2017 than one understands why world’s search more about gender equality than ever before. From last year a moment began which co-relates to women and aiming to bring attention to inequity surrounding problems like women’s rights, workplace non-discrimination, and immigration. As the year is passing on the topic of sexual harassment in government, the workplace, and even other places.


Merriam-Webster known from feminism and it is “Word of the Year” for 2017. People turned to the dictionary for the meaning of a word that saw spikes in interest linked to key events throughout 2017. Many of us are even searching it on Google. We search it out on Google and having 3 patterns behind raising the digital engagement around gender non-discrimination and themes related to it. And, due to that few of the people gets inspired. Everyone wants to know about what’s going on.


Inspiration seeks by People


In a fraction of the second one gets inspired that would be by an award receiver who drift from special thanks, starting a speech, by some slogan, repeating some news in media. When someone gets inspired by any topic then they explore more about it on Google. And, it means that searches should also regard female.


Understanding of People what they are searching for


On this planet, one of the most important topics to be searched is women’s issue and their desire. And, this gender equality is growing with passing time or increasing day by day.


Top five questions regarding gender non-discrimination on this globe from the last few years are as:


  1. What do we know about gender non-discrimination?
  2. What is important for gender non-discrimination?
  3. Why stop gender non-discrimination?
  4. Why this gender non-discrimination is important?
  5. How this gender non-discrimination should be promoted?


And, a source said that it’s not only the women who search on all these women’s topic. There are few men also who are keen to search on these issues which relate to women.


Attempt to engage people

Women’s right and non-discrimination are not just being discussed in a day or during March. There is a movement afoot and its digital footprint is increasing all over the world and generations over generations. Digital is helping associates and activists, and even helping people to find information regarding how one can join dialogue or actions.

According to Google data, the top searched questions regarding GND in the last few years that too on Google:


  • How one can achieve GND?
  • How one can reduce this GND?
  • How to improve in this GND?
  • How to help in gender GND?
  • How to teach children regarding this GND?
  • How to promote this GND in different countries?
  • How this GND make effects?


One GND topic that is becoming the top of mind in many sexual harassments. As victims spoke out and shared stories that too in increasing order and news coverage of the high-profile accused brought the issue to the mainstream and saw supposed abusers fall from elegance. According to Google search, this sexual harassment was searched for more than 100% in the past few months. There are few hashtags in the world that is top searched in past few months and that momentum is for international dialogue and moved many to get involved.

Manoj Sharma
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