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Read this Guide before Launching Your New E-commerce Business

Opening online e-commerce business is now everyone’s cup of tea these days due to online free resources but at the same time, lots of competitions increased out there as anyone can do it with some hard efforts. But there are some things which must be clarified and taken care in order to build a successful online e-commerce business.


According to a survey by Entrepreneur.com, last year in 2018 U.S retail e-commerce sales was around $491.5 billion (approx) with 41 percent growth from 2017 to 2018 and is estimated to increase every year.


So what are things which you must take care before diving into the oceans of e-commerce business –


Take your time –

One of the most common mistakes is few people will always in a hurry to launch their website before giving much thought on that and in due time they lack some fundamentally important things. One of such things can be the domain name for launching your website.


You must take time to think and analyze deeply in each small step as they will eventually make a big difference. You can plan your goals and take small steps each day consciously so as to avoid any losses and disappointments.


Always focus on the user –

Always have a user approach instead of the purpose of earning more money. This will help you in generating long term results and there is a practical theory for the same. Focusing on users services, customer satisfaction is also an integral part of creating business because they will succeed in generating user’s trust which is a great asset for any business.


Focusing only on generating more revenue will limit your strategies and you will not be able to think positively. Some of the customer satisfaction tips include free shipping, having more options for payment like UPIs, credit cards, simplified shopping carts and providing periodic offers and discounts like cash backs, or buy one get one free.


Do enough research about the product before diving in –

It is very mandatory to have full knowledge and information about the type of products you are going to sell. Half of your efforts will be reduced if you succeeded in getting the right products which are in demand. And besides this, you must a clear plan to execute because without a plan you will lose the focus and the vision.


Build a mobile responsive website –

Not everyone has time to open their laptops and systems and check out the things that they need to purchase. Everyone has a mobile phone in fact the number of people having smartphones is greater than those with laptops and systems.


Bill Siwicki of Internet Retailer references Goldman Sachs, saying, “Tablets will play an increasingly important role as worldwide consumer spending via mobile jumps from $204 billion in 2014 to $626 billion in 2018 and from 2019. So if you are not building e-commerce business with mobile users in mind and you gonna lose.


You can start small –

If you have more money to then it is good but if your budget is short then still you can start your online business. You don’t need to create an inventory for your products. You can contact your local sellers and they will help your package getting received at your customer’s doorstep without any hurdles. Several people who don’t have enough budget starts like this and once you start generating more money you can think of scaling of the business.


Analyze your competitor and stay top on SEO –

Analyzing your competitor will give you an insight into how they are doing things and how you can do it better than them to increase your demand. Another thing is e-commerce business needs SEO strategies because gone are traditional days. Today everything is online and if you want to target your right audience then you must focus on SEO because users who are searching for ‘buy shoes online’ are highly likely to convert than any other online media channels.


For that, you will need a reputed SEO agency and there are some of the best e-commerce SEO companies in the market who are experienced in handling these projects and getting desired results for their clients. Look for these kinds of companies. They will help you in scaling your online business.

Manoj Sharma
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