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Google’s passage-based indexing

Google will start passing based indexing soon for the English language. Although, it is more like a ranking change, instead of an indexing change. As the prominent SEO experts in Delhi, let us dig further into the passage-based indexing update by Google and anticipate the probable effects on the SEO efforts due to that update. According to Google, certain searches can be the hardest to get...

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What are the Top Indian Mobile Phone Brands – 8 Leading Names

There was a time, when Nokia was the staple in the mobile phone segment, not just across the globe, but also India.However, as everything doesn’t last forever, there came a time for other brands’ meteoric rise, including Apple, Samsung, Motorola, LG, BlackBerry and much more. However this revolution wasn’t limited to the foreign brands in the Indian market.When Indian entrepreneurs doesn’t leave anywhere behind in...

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Boycott China Movement

Boycott China Movement With Indian Telecom Ministry calling for MTNL, BSNL and other private companies to stop using Chinese equipment and cut off deal, it is the latest and the major push by the government in what has been propagated by people over days to boycott use of Chinese products.Additionally the ministry has called for old orders to get cancelled and putting curbs on further Chinese...

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Website Audit Check website SEO Score

While you as a business are breathing in a digital world, your website is an oxygen which is essential for you whether you are big, medium or small. Nowadays a click of a mouse weighs more than word of mouth. So if you do not have a website then you for sure are missing out on a large number of potential customers who are searching for...

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Check World's Best Authority Tools for SEO Domain Authority is a score based metric designed by the SEO software company MOZ. It is a measurement that gives you an idea of how your website will perform on Google's SERPs. The range of the score varies from 1-100. The higher the score is, the higher is the domain authority of that particular website.   A good quality website is what...

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