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8 Huge SEO Mistakes That Kill Website Ranking

SEO mistakes are more fashionable than ever. However, it is not strange that some SEO errors are made, perhaps due to ignorance SEO Ranking has decreased. So much has increased its popularity in recent years that do not stop appearing post, eBook and online courses to learn this discipline of online marketing. However, search engine optimization services are not as easy or as simple as many web pages or blogs. SEO is not just about putting emojis in Meta titles, putting keywords in the text or making your website load fast.

8 Huge SEO Mistakes That Kill Website Ranking

SEO is much more technical and complicated than all that and two know about them consider search engine marketing agency in Noida.


1.Wanting to get 100% on the Google Page Speed Insight


Google sack is a tool to measure the loading speed of a web page or it’s WPO. This tool has led many webmasters to become obsessed with achieving a full score in this application leaving aside aspects as important as the usability of the user. Effectively, this tool will detect serious flaws in the WPO of your web page.


2.Obsessing with Yoast semaphore SEO


Word Press SEO Yoast SEO plug-in is used to optimize the search engine optimization services of your web page supposes authentic headaches for the newest users. This traffic light turns green when your SEO is correct, according to its parameters automatic parameters and not real. To make the test of how relative this traffic light is, it will be enough to write an unconnected and non-logical text (although optimized according to the indications of Yoast SEO) to see how the traffic light is green, despite being a useless text.


3.Attacking keywords without searching


The issue of attacking long-tail keywords has gotten out of hand. So much so that people optimize their posts for keywords of 5 and 6 words that only have 10 searches per year. Attacking keywords in your posts with less than 50 monthly searches is not optimal at all.


4. Use a free cache plug-in


Using a cache plug-in will make your web page lighter, improve your WPO or upload speed and consume fewer resources on your server. However, despite the fact that there are some pretty decent free cache plug-ins, from my point of view, using a free cache plug-in does not make sense when there are great premium options and for less than 50 Euros a year.


5. Do not mark structured data your web


The same thing happens with this step as with the previous one. People use the free all in One Rich Snippets plug-in or free templates to get web pages marked with structured data. However, as I always say, in the end, cheap is expensive. If you acquire an SEO template optimized with structured data you will have to get a premium template such as Generate Press and a structured data markup plug-in such as Schema PRO.


6.Typical SEO error to create links in all possible sites


This is a pretty common SEO error. You hear that you have to create links the more the better and start getting links in any forum, blog or website that allows it. This is a mistake. In link building issues, quality is important and it is not worth creating any type of link at any price.


7.Obsessing with the metrics of the different SEO tools

One must understand that it is difficult to disengage from them since they can become addictive when they see how they grow. However, in the end, what really matters is that the number of visits of your Analytics goes up month by month. As much as these tools give you metrics or rankings, the important thing will always be to get more web traffic to your site, which generates the benefit or goal that you had raised at the beginning (get web traffic, monetize the portal, offer services, etc).


8.Cannibalize content

This SEO error is quite common in people who do not have much idea of ​​SEO and therefore consulting search engine optimization services is must. Once dismantled this myth I will tell you that the more articles you write the more chances you will have to cannibalize the searches since you will have a greater lack of control over the content of your web page or blog. Keep in mind that, the cannibalization of keywords occurs when doing a search for a term or keyword appears two different results from the same web page.

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