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Trends in SEO

Trends in SEO Positioning and Predictions for 2020

See what was trending in 2020 – India


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Talking about trends in marketing is a delicate issue because practically every week we see something new in the networks that make us question what during a certain time had been for us an effective technique to get visibility and, above all, more customers. If we take this idea to the strategies we apply every year to position ourselves in search engines, the concept that what worked yesterday may stop working for us today is even more remarkable. And, here Google has much to do. Below are some topics that are trends in SEO


SEO trends that will be consolidated in 2019


AMP Web Design


Google-AMP-Project techpapaHere I refer to web pages that, instead of being developed in a so mentioned responsive design, have a second version for mobile devices. Therefore, in this sense also meet the requirement of adaptability that both users demand us and, obviously, our friend Google.


Although it has not been technically proven that websites designed in two versions or AMP help position in the search engines, we can say that it is better to have a web of this type (in the absence of responsive design) than not having it.


The Loading Speed


page speed load time equation techpapaThe loading speed has been a strong SEO factor for positioning during 2017 and it is expected that by 2019 it will continue to be the same.


Can you imagine that after doing a search the results in first positions will take you to a destination page that, far from answering your query, would make you wait endless thousandths of a second? No matter how many thousandths they are, this does not make anyone feel comfortable. And that, Google knows and does not overlook it (nor will it happen).


The Tracking Frequency


The Tracking Frequency techpapaAlthough tracking frequency has always been a search engine positioning factor, I decided to mention it as a novelty for 2019 given that everything indicates that Google is going to give the bot more and more authority when it comes to assessing the relevance of a website.


In other words, the bot is responsible for determining how powerful a site is by interpreting the number of internal pages that are considered relevant.


Here, the key is to only give access to the bot to the URLs that we really want to be indexed in Google, since allowing GoogleBot to crawl URLs without need, will make the crawler buyer of our domain decrease. This will reduce the frequency of tracking, which will lead to a decrease in organic visibility.


Another important factor to increase the tracking frequency is the web download speed, which is not the same as the loading speed.


Web download speed is the time it takes for Googlebot to download HTML content from a web page, and it is measured in milliseconds. The key is to decrease that download speed below 500 milliseconds.


The User Experience (UX)


The user experience has to do with the emotional reaction that occurs in the user when browsing a website. For this experience to be positive it must be easy to use (usable), be practically useful and, in addition, generate a certain sense of desire through an attractive design.


With this definition, there can be no doubt that Google will increasingly value these types of issues, which also generate very positive values in the rest of metrics, such as time on page or pages per session.


Frequency and Timing of Publication


Here, I refer to an aspect that has to do with blogging or frequent content publication within a web. Something very positive to a position as you probably already know.

In this sense, I do not reveal anything new to you, but what you might not have taken into account until now, and that Google is not going to ignore it, is that the frequency and time of publication are also important.


By 2019, it will be so important that it be published with a certain frequency, and that it is done constantly; it is not worth publishing 10 times in a month and then not posting anything.

In addition, you should always try to publish the same day and at the same time, because this helps the bot in its tracking process. And if Google bot becomes our “little friend”, it will also increase the tracking frequency.


Universal SEO


As past SEO trends, it has been talked to you about different sources of traffic that improve the landscape of the web in order to position it in a global calculation.

Well, not only the origin of our visitors is important, but also the type of content they have made to reach us. For example, visits may have been generated by searches of locations, images, videos, and other multimedia formats.


For this reason, Google is adapting to this new user behavior and will reward websites that generate optimized content in different formats.


We must not waste all the opportunities that are presented to us. The question is to leave the comfort zone in search of traffic by other types of formats. For more details, you can contact any SEO company in India.

Manoj Sharma
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