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Website Audit Check website SEO Score

Website Audit : Check website SEO Score

While you as a business are breathing in a digital world, your website is an oxygen which is essential for you whether you are big, medium or small.


Nowadays a click of a mouse weighs more than word of mouth. So if you do not have a website then you for sure are missing out on a large number of potential customers who are searching for you online.


Website has wider reach than any form of advertising.it can actually help in achieving the marketing strategies by bringing in more traffic that makes business grow multifolds.


What is a Website Audit? 


For any business just having a website is not enough!

Its visibility, the potential traffic as well as conversion rate also matters.SEO is expensive and a lot of effort and investment is put in by businesses in SEO to make their website reach the top results of Google SERPs organically.


A website audit is an in-depth analysis and examination of website’s performance against the efforts and measures the business puts in.


It is indeed to check whether the website is SEO friendly or not. Whether it is generating potential traffic and converting leads or not! And many other factors that will determine the website’s ranking.

Just like any other regular audit conducted for business to check its performance and rectify the deviations, there are similarly websites audits to check the performance and infuse the measures that affect the ranking of health of the website.


SEO audit for my website, why and how?


Search engine optimization is a combination of different techniques that are use to drive organic traffic to the website with an aim to get it ranked at the top results of Google’s SERPs.


We all know that there is no “one size fits all” strategy. It takes an in-depth research to decide what all keywords, on page and off page SEO strategies will be used for the website’s better ranking.


Once SEO strategies are implemented it is also important to measure if we are going in the right direction or not.


So how do we check if what we are doing is fetching us something or not!


The website performance can be accessed through SEO Audit. SEO Auditing is an important function for checking the website’s performance as it will help us in identifying the strengths and weaknesses.


How do we do an SEO Audit? 


The digital spaces have made our lives very easy; there are different SEO Audit tools available on different digital platforms that come handy while doing SEO Audit


Determining the best SEO Audit Tool for your website isn’t an easy task. With so many options available. There is no best universal tool as one website be more compatible with a tool and rest may not be.


Here is the list of few SEO Tools that may be worth a use for your website’s SEO Audit.


1)  UberSuggest


A product of a well known and identified brand present in the SEO Industry- Neil Patel. Ubersuggest is a complete package for the website audit. It is free of cost that gives benefits of a paid SEO Tool.


Ubersuggest can help you find keywords that the people are looking for on the Google search, or with an easy to use interface, it can generate thousand results in a jiffy, Ubersuggest also suggests new topics for keywords.


So, the Ubersuggest by Neil Patel is a tool that has enhanced the way SEO Audit is done. It not only helps perform keyword research, but also gives content ideas, back link data and many other services that are absolutely free to use.


2) Raven site auditor


Planning to run marketing campaigns that bring more traffic and lead to better website ranking. Then Raven is the tool you should opt for.


Known for its speedy analysis of websites, It will help you find issues pertaining to desktop and mobile seo.


It is important to know what are the issues that stop you from achieving your SEO Goals, with a raven site auditor, it become easy to find the issues as well as fixing them.


It gives you suggestions related to the site page speed, design, social media, backlinks and online reputation.


3) Semrush website audit


Semrush was launched as an in house online marketing tool that the company originally developed for its own website, so that they could keep a track on competitor’s website and become a better than the rest.


SemRush helps find the competitor keywords, backlinks, PPC keywords which come out really handy while doing SEO website Audit.


The distinguishing features of semrush website audit are as follows-

  • It gives you a complete insight of competitors’ strategy as well as their budget.
  • It gives you complete audit reports
  • It is an easy way out for keeping an eye on competition.
  • A complete backlink analysis


4) Woorank site audit


Launched in the year 2010, Woorank is an easy, fast and convenient SEO Audit  and digital marketing tool which helps in accessing the performance of websites.


You can generate reports through woorank which provide detailed analysis of website’s off page and on page SEO, its backlinks and as well as web links.


The reports generated by woorank are easy to understand and can help in providing ways to improve ranking


Though Woorank has both paid and free versions which could be accessed by anyone to check their website.


With 40,000 daily users and 1 million registered users and monthly visitors, woorank is available in six different languages whose reports could be downloaded in PDF from the website.


So on an average there are 700 new accounts generated on a daily basis on woorank, making it one of the best site audit tools.


5) Neil Patel site audit-


Neil Patel’s site Analyzer is a one stop shop tool for all who want to do their website audit.

It is effective as well as free of cost which gives quality results that can be authentic because of the brand name itself.


Through SEO Analyzer, you can generate reports that give will information about health of your website. There are 5 different functions SEO Analysis, SEO Checker, Site Speed, SEO Audit report and back link checker each has a different feature to offer.


Thought SEO Site audit report one not only gets to know about the issues pertaining to their website but they can also get video tutorials on what exactly is to be done to fix the issues.


6) MOZ site audit


One of the leading digital marketing and SEO Companies in India, MOZ, has designed and developed softwares that are useful in analysing the performance of the website.


It is an open source and its different tools and free of cost!


MOZ is a renowned name and a brand which is recognized by many across the globe, so there is a kind of trust in people and they have a sense of authenticity that the results will be best of the lot.


The customers can use Moz domain authority, Moz explorer, MOZ Exchange and a lot many from the ocean of softwares the company has developed under its name to find the exact performance of the website.


The best features of MOZ is that it is an open source and can be accessed by anyone, also with a brand name like that it is sure to have accurate results which will be useful for the company in order to maintain their seo practices that help them rank better and generate organic traffic.


7)  Zadroweb SEO auditor:


Developed by  Zadro Web Solutions, the company started off as a IT services provider back in the year 2007 and it was since the year 2009 they ventured into the website development and then there was no looking back as they re branded themselves as on;ly web solution website and now they are fully digital marketing.


The Zadro web SEO auditor has many features to offer hcih range from offering both page authority and domain authority, facilitates Google page speed for strong SEO ranking and a lot more.


Zadro is free of cost and is a open source which provides analysis in PDF Format which can be easily downloaded.


8) Seoptimer – 


Launched as a simple on page audit tool back in the year 2012, it has grown to become one of web’s most popular free audit tools that can review your website in less than 30 seconds.


Seoptimer caters to all types of clients. Small businesses can use it to optimize their ranking and generate leads whereas the Digital marketing Agencies can use it to generate PDF files for their clients.


With over 800 clients globally and 100k visitors daily the tool can generate reports in 9 different languages.


9) Ahrefs site audit tool-


With an ability to recognize over 110+ technical website issues which could be anything from website threatening to simple error this tool is a go to!


With Ahrefs site audit tool you can simply find and issue that is related to your website and find a solution to fix it just by looking at the tool’s Dashboard. This is a simple, convenient and time saving way.


While choosing a website audit tool, there is one thing for sure you look for which is how fast the tool will generate results. Though the results also depend on the size of the website, but in total the website scanning should be quick and fast.


And it is because of its ability Ahrefs site audit tool can crawl JavaScript pages as well as HTML, which leaves no page unchecked, and gives the entire and clear report of website’s functioning.


10)  Audit my website free


For an easy and convenient way you can contact techpapa to get a free website audit report by visiting  and filling in the required details.


we will provide you a compiled website audit report about your website that might be affecting  your ranking on different search engines across platforms.


Along with the report we will also provide you all the precautionary measures that can be rectified and help bring in more potential traffic and ranking to your website.


So, here is a list of Website audit tools that help you recognize the performance as well as issues pertaining to your website.


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