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Top 5 Domain Authority Checker Tool

Check World’s Best Authority Tools for SEO

Domain Authority is a score based metric designed by the SEO software company MOZ. It is a measurement that gives you an idea of how your website will perform on Google’s SERPs.
The range of the score varies from 1-100. The higher the score is, the higher is the domain authority of that particular website.


A good quality website is what it takes to rank higher on Google’s SERPs, which is why it is advised to maintain quality content and backlinks on your website . It is also to be noted that the change in Domain authority requires correct efforts and takes ample amount of time especially at higher levels. For eg. moving from the score of 10 to 15 is easier compared to moving from a score of 70-75.


So why is it important to score higher on the domain authority checker?


The Domain authority scores determine your ranking on Google and in order to sustain and survive in the industry it is important to rank on the top results of the google pages because the expected target audience hardly moves from first page to find results to their searches. Get the maximum results through a website by maintaining a domain authority no matter in what business you are!


Now how do we find out the domain authority score for our website ?


There are domain authority checker tools available on different SEO and Digital marketing platforms. These are open platforms and anyone can have access to it.


Here is the list of 5 Domain Authority Checker Tools that will help in checking da score either for your website or for any other website.


MOZ Domain Authority Checker– Originally developed by Moz, it is one of the easiest and authentic da checker. An open source tool which is ranked as number one tool for Domain Authority check has a four step process that allows you to access the features of this powerful tool which is also known as Moz Link Explorer.


All you need to do is visit its platform and post the URL of the website you want to perform DA check on. The next step is to create a Moz account that would require you give in your working email id and then on receiving the notification for the same you shall proceed further and finally will be able to access the features of this world class da checker.


Although there are restrictions on the number of reports the guest users can generate, a 30 day trial can get you access to unlimited reports for free.


In all the Moz domain authority checker is user friendly da pa checker.


Small SEO Tools DA Checker– What happens when your list of websites for da checker is a longer one !
Well generating da score reports for so many websites will be really time consuming as you do it one by one.


The small seo tools da checker is an easy tool which could be easily accessed by anyone who wants to have a da check. The best part about this platform is that one can check da score of 10 websites in one go. urls at one time for domain authority check which saves a lot of time and creates reports in a jiffy.


So for a hassle free da score check for about 10 websites, the small seo tools da checker comes handy.


Robin Gupta Domain Authority Checker– planning to check da of multiple websites with a aim of getting results in a shorter span of time ? Loading URL one by one won’t help you reach your goal of best results in lower time span.


Alike other DA checker robin gupta domain authority checker is an open source tool that could be accessed by all.


In all using robin gupta domain authority checker, you can check da scores of 10 website urls in one go which results in faster report generation.


Seoreviewtools Website Authority Checker– Website authority checker by seoreviewtools is an easy and open source for da pa check of your website.


It allows you to check its domain authority as well as page authority addition to which you can also check the age of your domain and website and also of the backlinks of your page and domain.


It is an easy and authentic seo tool for da pa checker of any website as you can also download the report in CSV format for the platform.


Bulk DA Checker– You do a domain authority check on three kinds of websites. The first one is your own for checking performance whether your SEO techniques are working or not !


The second type of websites are that of your competitors who are working on the same lines as you are. It’s alway a good idea to have an eye on competition as to know what they are doing and if they are performing better than you then you can plan your strategies accordingly as the da pa score are relative and your scorte does matter on other website’s da pa score as well.


The third and last kind of websites are those from where you wish to get a backlink from . A good quality website will help increase your da score as well and a bad will one might land up a little lower than where you actually are !


So in order to save time and perform better than others, tools like Bulk da checker help you in generating scores for 25 websites at one time . hence when the list for da check is longer better opt for bulk da check. Whether you need quality content for your website or an essay for a university, papertyper.net is a good option to stay productive and the best at what you do. This is a great writing tool.


So here is the list of best 5 domain authority checkers that are easy to use and can be accessed by anyone.


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